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ways to get blogging again

I hate to admit it but my blogging game has been slightly off lately. Either time is not on my side or inspiration is lacking. Seemingly I’d like to point the finger at that nasty foe called time but I think I need to cut the crap and finally take responsibility for my own lethargy; self-imposed or not. So I’ve been pondering ways in which one may increase their motivational levels for ways to get blogging again and finally get those creative juices flowing steadily. Surprisingly it was pretty effortless to come up with some stimulating pointers thanks to who generously allowed me to create my very own custom laptop skin for my MacBook Pro.

So here are a few simple suggestions and ways to get blogging again, should you need it.


Either digitally through sites like Pinterest which handily allow you to curate several boards while providing a vast range of imagery to peruse (as well as tools to pin outside the site). Or even by physically arranging and placing inspirational pictures, quotes, fabrics or prints on a wall. These can constantly change at your whim which can actually do wonders for the imagination. It can also assist in centring oneself, if you’re like me and find yourself drawn to various contrasting themes and styles.


This is a controversial point for me, as mentioned here and here previously. While social media has the ability to cause serious FOMO, with a clear head it can also be quite exhilarating and come up with some compelling ideas and ways to get blogging again. There is such diversity when it comes to creativity through social media, both through pictures and words. A quick flick through can help stir new ideas or help define ideas that may not have translated well in the physical as it had in your mind (don’t you hate when that happens?)


Crank up your favourite tunes and start creating. Music does wonders for the soul, especially when you’re feeling blue so why not utilise it when inspiration is waning? Personally my preference for music styles tends to differ depending on what I’m focused on. Anything that involves the use of imagery like photography I sway more for my usual alternative playlists. When writing, which requires slightly more concentration from me, I have more classical sounds at hand. Debussy is a favourite as is a particular movie score (which I’m too embarrassed to share right now).


In writing when people speak of that cursed writers block, they say the solution to overcoming it is to simply power through. Write, write, write and inspiration is sure to strike. Personally I’ve found taking a breather is far more advantageous for me. When I force myself to power through something I find I end up waffling on. The same can be said for any task really. If you find yourself struggling taking a slight breather could do wonders. Even just stepping out for some fresh air or grabbing yourself a coffee. In occupying your mind and taking it away from that arduous task it almost resets your brain, so when you come back to it, you see it with fresh new eyes.


Clean up and organise your desk and workspace! Because a cluttered environment does not inspiration make. Chaos in your space can have the opposite effect. It almost repels you whilst boldly daring you to a duel. And in most cases you just end up backing away, tail between your legs. Take a moment (or an entire morning) to tidy up your space, don’t leave it for a day longer because you’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle and it will never get done. Same goes for organising yourself. Get yourself a daily planner and start formulating a plan. Or better yet make use of the calendar on your computer/laptop and start outlining your day, week or month. I am guilty of not utilising my own diary, however I’ve discovered a new preference for my MacBook’s calendar. It’s infinitely easier plus you can colour coordinate too. It’s made a once burdensome task enjoyable.


Drawing in from the previous point, and again this is to personal taste but aside from organising your space I think it’s vital to surround yourself with dainty items and objects. For me those pieces that make you smile like a photo of a loved one or your favourite candle really makes a difference.

Decorative pieces like a marble tray or artsy paperweight, an engaging print or framed quote, even your favorite watch to name a few. But if cute is not your game then perhaps a potted cactus or have a stack of magazines or coffee table books at hand, which happens to be a perfect distraction when you find yourself straddling those feelings of indifference. For me I insist on having fresh flowers in near proximity.

ways to get blogging again

And now I can include my laptop as a new way to get blogging again and a source of inspiration thanks to and my chic new skin. Truthfully I was thrilled when they contacted me about designing a little something special for my trusty MacBook Pro. I knew immediately what I was after too; white marble. Yes, predictable much Sonia. I found the entire process of creating overly effortless. You can BYO image or you can browse through their own design selections.


This has been a collaborative post with CaseApp. Thoughts and ideas expressed above are my own.

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