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Every girl wants to attend prom and feel like a princess. From the head down to your feet, everything you wear at your prom should make you feel stunning. Some ladies want to go for more of a princess than a prom queen kind of look. To feel like you are your favorite Disney Princess from that movie you used to watch time and time again during your childhood.

There are plenty of great Disney Princesses however. Surely you have a favorite which should make your choice a little easier. Creating a look and feel like your ideal princess can be easily done when you have the right image in front of you. You will also need to get a good feel for whether your princess style dress suits your figure and brings out the best in you.

This article will help you explore different Disney Princess prom dresses so you can get a good idea of which dress would suit you best:

  • The classic Cinderella inspired dress. This one is normally a light blue with shimmery fabric (without being tacky). The bodice is a corset style then flares out into a floor length skirt. There are plenty of Cinderella-like designs on the web that can have you looking like a princess in no time. Then all you will have to do is hunt for those glass heels!
  • Belle from Beauty and The Beast is another old-time favorite that will look stunning at your prom. If you want to veer away Peaches Boutique red prom dresses, going with the Belle style helps you keep it fresh with a full yellow gown. Try and find one online that has added embellishments or sparkles on the top half to enhance the glamour. Also, following the same hairstyle will work well with this style of dress with half up half down. For a finishing touch, find ruched material on the lower part of the dress for an elegant and effective look.
  • Pocahontas’ style gives you a lot of scope to work with. The Native American princess wears a beige dress in the movie. However, you can go for something long and flowing with added feathers or ruffled material towards the bottom to keep it classy. To accessorize, why not add some bright, ethnic style beads. Keep your hair natural and nothing too complicated for the ultimate Pocahontas look.
  • Unique spin on The Little Mermaid. If you are opting for a mermaid style prom dress from Peaches Boutique Chicago, it doesn’t have to be the traditional shimmery blue. Why not check out a burgundy style dress with ruffles on a flared out bottom. This shade always works well in evening gowns plus keeps things more original.

Look on Pinterest to get some really good inspiration for Princess-style dresses as they also give links to the websites that sell them. You are bound to find the dress that you fall head over heels for and makes you feel like more of a princess than a queen.

When you feel like a princess at prom you will have an amazing time and feel elegant throughout the night. Plus people notice when you put special thought into your prom attire and wearing a Disney inspired dress shows you have gone the extra mile. If all else fails, go with a pink prom dress as no matter what, wearing pink automatically carries strong association to Princesses.


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