how to stay safe when buying wholesale diamonds online

stay safe when buying wholesale diamonds

People can be sceptical about purchasing wholesale diamonds online. With so many scams and rip-off merchants around, it’s not surprising people can become suspicious of any online retailer. Especially as diamonds are a sizeable investment, you want to make sure the supplier you’re parting money with can be trusted. If you know what to look out for however, buying wholesale diamonds online can actually be very safe.

When you shop for diamonds online you are choosing from a much wider selection of best-cut diamonds. You will have access to the wholesalers inventories so you will rarely have to worry about their being low stock. Also, on the internet the prices are much more competitive. Due to the lower costs of operations and overheads you will find dealers are always in competition. They will sell exactly the same diamonds at competitive prices.

Another great thing is that you have the ability get the diamonds you want shipped to you directly so you can inspect them for yourself. Jewellery stores in Toronto like Diamonds for Less do this which allows you to take the diamonds into realistic lighting conditions and see how they will look in surroundings where they will actually be worn. This makes them easier for you to sell as a retailer. Not to mention you get a diverse range of styles online. This variety would not be available to you in store. If you are buying loose or ready-made designs, you will have a good amount of choice when shopping online.

So as you can see, there are many pros to shopping for wholesale diamonds online but you still need to be safe. In fact when you know how, buying on the web can be a lot safer than buying in store. Here’s how you’re going to stay safe when buying wholesale diamonds digitally.

  • First, gain some fundamental knowledge. Buying diamonds can be a complex process. From your emotions right down to the size of the investment, you will have a lot to consider. The truth is, when small things about diamonds change, you get a dramatic ripple effect on the cost of the diamond itself. Getting clued up on the 4 C’s will be a good place to start. Also reading through comprehensive buying guides that go in-depth about what to look for is recommended. You will really need to do your homework if you are purchasing a colored diamond. Once you get to grips with the basics, you will know exactly what to look out for and be familiar with the language the sellers speak.
  • Only opt for certified! The diamonds you part money with should be only certified diamonds. This means they must come with a gemological certificate. There are absolutely no compromises on this one. To stay safe when buying wholesale diamonds, the seller must include official documentation proving its carat, clarity, cut and color. When you buy the most beautiful custom jewellery in Toronto by, you are sure to get a certificate to go with your purchase.
  • Always get an image. Seeing clear, high quality images are always necessary when buying diamonds of any sort. When you buy from wholesalers however it’s important to understand the image they actually show may not be the one of the actual diamond you are receiving. To differentiate the real from the stock photos it will be wise to ask the seller to personally send you actual photos of the diamonds you want to purchase.
  • Ensure you are buying from registered sellers. To stay safe when buying wholesale diamonds online you need to choose retailers that operate a registered and official website. Knowing what to look out for can save you from the financial and emotional heartache of being scammed. Distinguishing the high quality dealers requires you to type the name of their company into a search engine. Once that’s done, find out their certifications and whether they are members of a diamond exchange. Are they selling colored diamonds? If they are then they should be members of the NCDIA. All of these regulatory bodies ensure the sellers are legitimate and you are being sold exactly what’s advertised.




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