is it ok to give a man an engagement ring?

is it ok to give a man an engagement ring

Remember back in 2014 when Johnny Depp made headlines for wearing a sparkling engagement ring? Well, gone are the days of the woman traditionally receiving a ring. So if you’re a girl thinking or wondering is it ok to give a man an engagement ring, check out these handy tips.


Talk to your man about the engagement ring. Ask him if he is going to be comfortable wearing one. A lot of men prefer to wear their engagement rings on their right hands and others prefer to wear them on their left hands until they get married and then move it over to their right hand. It’s all a matter of preference.


Find out if there’s any other kind of jewellery your man would prefer. Not everyone wants a ring, but he may love a bracelet or watch. Exchanging engagement gifts is loads of fun, no matter what the gift is, so don’t limit yourself to something that’s just not his style.


Once you’re sure you want to present him with an engagement ring, it’s time to decide if you’re going to go shopping together or if you want to surprise him. The key is to do what you feel is best. Ask him a ton of questions and let him try on a few different styles of engagement rings in Melbourne by Simon West Fine Jewellery.


The question is it ok to give a man an engagement ring is around because a lot of girls would still like to be proposed to. And they think buying an engagement ring for their man is a big no-no. But there’s really no hard and fast rule that says you can’t plan some sort of special surprise date and your own proposal. The best part of a proposal really is the sentiment and surprise, and there’s no doubt your partner will appreciate the gesture, even if you’re not formally popping the question.


After you have finished choosing among the many men’s handmade wedding bands by, it is now time to plan the proposal. When it comes to planning the proposal, be sure to make it all about him and the things he loves – which include you, of course! If you had your heart set on a massive public engagement in a 5 star restaurant, it doesn’t mean he would appreciate the same sentiment. You know what your guy likes best, so use that to your advantage. For example, if your man is into fishing, why not plan a fishing trip with him and sneak a note in his tackle box asking him to marry you? Perhaps he’s a big fan of a particular rock band. You could try planning your proposal around a concert when the band is in your area, or wherever they are – you could make a weekend getaway of the whole thing.

Planning to propose around what your guy likes doesn’t mean you should ignore yourself and the things you want completely. Your proposal should be something that is going to be memorable and important to both of you. It’s really just a case of finding the perfect middle ground. For example, you could follow that fishing excursion with a delicious three-course, candle-lit meal at a romantic restaurant.

So is it ok to give a man an engagement ring? There is no longer a stigma to giving a man an engagement ring, and many men now days do really enjoy the gesture. It’s just a matter of finding out what your guy likes.




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