If I’m honest, the infamous ugly Christmas sweater party is something I wasn’t overly familiar with until recently. A most humorous American tradition somewhat lost to Australians (perhaps even the rest of the world?). And rightly so. Us folks residing in the Southern Hemisphere are not privy to those famed white Christmas’ as our counterparts on the opposite end. For us, Christmas falls in the midst of summer so sweaters are essentially irrelevant for obvious reasons. Nonetheless an influx of ghastly festively themed t-shirts can always be located without much strain.

Lately I’ve noted amongst my Facebook peers numerous soirees celebrating this amusing tradition. Hell, I was even invited to one last week! “Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties”, who would have thunk it? And while I politely declined due to event collision it still got me searching for a sweater to wear. Even if the temperatures are set to soar to 37°C this weekend. So when it comes to finding that unseemly piece, personally I’d prefer something that I actually wouldn’t mind wearing. because it doesn’t sit well for me to purchase something solely to use on one occasion. Most of these selections are overly cheesy like the “Bah Humbug” piece, which is actually a DIY or the reindeer knit but #Elfie and “Team Santa” are still very much wearable in the month of December. Dare I say cool even?


Team Santa t-shirt from Simply Be
#Elfie sweater from eBay
Snowman sweater from Simply Be
Reindeer knit by Jolt
Bah Humbug DIY sweater from Nordstrom

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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