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There are a number of sartorial pieces I believe an individual should acquire and posses in their wardrobes. Like a classic white t-shirt or a well fitted biker jacket. But I also feel like a tailored blazer is an essential and undeniably transcendent too. These days there are a number of on style blazers for woman available. My favorite design will always be the timeless solid colour kind, but I do have an affinity for embellished blazers and depending on the design, even floral ones too. Because it’s fun to mix it up a little now and then.

There is no denying how valuable and effortlessly stylish a blazer can be. A blazer can add character to your ensemble almost instantly. Be it for more corporate needs or to give yourself that coveted model off-duty look. Truly a well fitted and made blazer can do you wonders. I’ve recently stumbled upon stylish blazers with, a site with a truly impressive and vast selection of cheap blazers. They range from the traditional, classic black lapel design to collarless versions and even on trend modernised versions, like the glittery sequin arm beauty in the image above. Now that is a piece that would also no doubt turn heads with its statement design. Or look incredible for special occasions like for your birthday outfit.



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