what to wear to: christmas lunch

what to wear to christmas lunch


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Faux-patent Falabella bag by Stella McCartney (similar here and here)
Wrap cami by River Island (similar here and here)
Circle and bar lariat necklace by Orelia (similar here)
01 Le Rouge. Rouge Pur Couture lipstick by YSL
Pearls of wisdom earrings by Kate Spade (similar here and here)
Flouncy heels by Tabitha Simmons (similar here)


It’s the most wonderful time of the year, or so they say. Christmas day is a day to be spent with loved ones; be it family or friends. All gathered under the same roof, in eager anticipation for the merriment awaiting at the dining table. Such a feast will be spread before thee, one oh so reminiscent of those placed before the gluttonous King Henry VIII, sans the medieval fanfare and copious marriages. Your people all amassed at the table, in fits of belly-busting laughter while devouring sumptuous food and bottles of vino. Roaring laughter and eating until the button on your denims burst. That is my ideal Christmas lunch.

When one ponders on Christmas fashion, the mind automatically conjures up vivid hues of red and green. And it is easy to understand why we tend to gravitate towards these two colours considering how traditionally steeped in the festive holiday they are. I for one despise wearing and pairing these two colours – year round. More notably during this time of year which seems to bring out my inner sartorial festive Grinch. Firstly, it reminds me of my primary school uniform; of green polos and daggy red shorts. Secondly I feel like it’s overly obnoxiously festive.

When it comes to what to wear to Christmas lunch, I find this time of year most style mavens and editorials curating ensembles solely based on these two colours. Combining red and green from head to toe. While there’s no rule to say you can nor can’t, it all comes down to personal preference. Personally I’ve always felt a little insulted at such get-ups and think of it as a slight, unwritten faux-pas. I prefer to keep the traditional colours at bay, revealing only just a hint of festivity on say my lips or accessories. I’ve always felt like Christmas was a jubilant celebration and a time where we adorn and lavish our surroundings in vibrancy. Even if that may be red or green hues. So indulging in sartorial vibrancy makes perfect sense to me. For me I adore metallics this time of year. Much like the tinsel that envelops a Christmas, metallics tend to be the most fun in styling. I also adore the idea of wearing something sparkly like this style of pant or this jumpsuit for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere. Glittery enough to remain merry and whimsical of twinkling fairy lights, but also a piece that can be utilised year round.

On a side note, it may be the most wonderful time of the year for most, for others the festive season is utterly torturous. You may be overly preoccupied with decking the halls or pondering on what to wear to Christmas lunch to notice that someone around you may be struggling. So please remember to reach out to friends, family, work colleagues and even your neighbours. Simply letting someone know that you’re a thinking of them at this time of year or even including them in your own festivities may be the difference between a make or break decision.

Be kind and stay merry,

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