I think it’s safe to assume that the majority of us associate weight loss with New Years resolutions. Personally this had been my own for many, many years and naturally, it’s the first to be broken. I once worked with a girl who insightfully noted something which has stuck with me ever since. Her belief when it came to weight loss and the general road blocks we face was that it was correlated to our mindset and thoughts. By simply using the phrase “I want to lose weight,” dooms you immediately. And this is because our minds associate the word “loss” as being overly negative and thus, unconsciously, begins to work tirelessly to regain what it believes you’ve lost. Because as human beings, we detest losing anything.

She would say it was crucial to replace that phrase and use other more affirmative vocabulary, words that our mind couldn’t identify with negative loss like “drop” for example. I always thought this was the most profound way of viewing weight loss and ten years on, this has continually stuck with me. This was always just a mere observation of hers, a hypothesis of sorts, so don’t take it as gospel. That said, our minds are incredibly powerful tools.

The mind is everything. What you think you become.  // Buddha

 If you recall from a previous post (here), this year I refrained from making any resolutions, selecting rather to focus on positivity, hope and health. So when the amazing team at ReviveMe Tea contacted me about trialing one of their detox teas I was delighted to do so. Who are ReviveMe Tea? They’re an all Australian company dedicated to promoting health and wellness. They ship anywhere in the world and offer a variety of tea blends, from clear skin to relaxation. I elected their fourteen day detox program which consists of two speciality teas. One, a daily detox which is brewed and consumed first thing in the morning to help invigorate you and the second, a body cleanse is then taken every second day in the evening.

Effortless to remember really.

The program is focused on energising and cleansing your inner system while also targeting bloating. And with a healthy diet and proper exercise it also assists in weight loss. Truthfully, I didn’t stick to the fourteen day plan as intended, because life. I did miss a day here or there but nothing overly dramatic. And in hindsight I could have done more to improve my diet too. In terms of flavour both detox teas are pleasant and nowhere near as repugnant as those I’d previously sampled. From past experience I’ve found detox teas in general to be overly bitter and too strong for my liking. And that is because personally I don’t drink tea itself because I despise the taste. So that’s saying something right there. Overall I was pleasantly surprised with the program. Did I experience dramatic weight loss, no but I certainly felt more energised and enlivened. Most surprising of all was that I found it aided in my perpetual lethargy battles brought on by my thyroid condition. This has definitely motivated and set me on a new path to taking better care of myself.

Be sure to check out their 14 day weight loss detox page for more information, or if you’re simply interested in learning more about other products in ReviveMe Tea’s expansive range make sure you visit their site. Currently you can save 20% with code NEWYEAR.


[ This has been a sponsored post. Products, c/o of ReviveMe Tea. Opinions and words expressed above are my own ]

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