For me interiors, as in fashion is very much about a neutral base with dashes of peculiarity. I also greatly appreciate minimalism. And as in fashion, interior trends are about as fickle as they come. Magenta one moment, macabre antlers the next. It’s easy to get swept up with what is in vogue, especially with the varied selections out there. You can find many a covetable piece at a reasonable price and because of this it becomes overly easy to overuse and saturate your space with frivolities. And unless you reside in a sixteen bedroom and bathroom abode, chances are you won’t be able to accomodate a vast collection of curiosities. Something I can be prone to doing myself at times because I just want all the things.

So it always makes sense to prepare yourself with a great base by sticking to a neutral palette so you can add or remove pieces. And as fads fade you wont find yourself stuck with ghastly pieces for an eternity (or until your next major spring clean). Personally I’m not fond of too much change, especially when it comes to homewares. I’d rather invest in transcendent pieces as the idea of wasting resources and materials doesn’t bode well with me. Soft shades of blush mingling with metallic accents like copper are very much du jour right now and unlike previous trends like chevron or fluro this is something you won’t be reaching to replace next season.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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