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all that glitters

infuse your life with action. don’t wait for it to happen. make it happen. make your own future. make your own hope. make your own love. and whatever your beliefs, honour your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen, yourself, right now, right down here on earth.
// bradley whitford

all that glitters

all that glitters
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It’s a New Year.

And I trust that you all had a most resplendent Holiday break. I know I did, even if mine was not exactly all that glitters but expended to the couch catching up on programs. And hopefully all that indulgent inertia has energised me for the year ahead. I decided to alter my usual New Year rituals for 2016; one being that I erase the word resolution from my vocabulary; despite being a loyal devotee for some time now. The thing with me (and most of us) is that resolutions almost always fall short within the very first few weeks. And what I’ve struggled to grapple with is why we leave it for the start of a New Year to enforce positive change within us?

Each and every single day is inestimable, something you begin to note more and more as you age. And while the promise of a New Year is an incredibly powerful and a wondrous motivator, we need to remember that each and every single day can hold such promise if you allow it to.

For me I went into 2016 with hope. Hopeful that this year will be an efficaciously positive one. Uber abundant in experiences, laughter and love. Generous in regards to travel and not limited to places I’ve seen but to dreamy foreign lands holding new and exciting adventures. 2016 will be rich in health and happiness. More living in the present and being present and challenging myself to be better at being a kinder human. To step away from my comfort zone and allow all that glitters and not permit fear to hold me back. And to simply appreciate and find gratitude in all that surrounds me. And of course, I wish the very same for you.

May 2016 bring to you your hearts desires,

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