Pantone announced the colours for the 2016 some time now and while I whole heartedly embraced quartz (lets face it, who doesn’t adore this precious shade of blush) I wasn’t too enamoured with it’s counterpart serenity. While it is a nice enough hue, personally I’m not sure about it in terms of anything sartorial. That said I did find some lovely pieces over on Banggood that may just have convinced me to become more accepting of this colour. Like that lace skirt. Swoon. I let myself become overly frightened of it’s muted vibrancy, being such a creature of habit, staying true to my loves black, white and grey. But I did say that I intended to make this a year of overcoming fears and what better way then to begin with something as frivolous as this.


1. Women double button coat breasted pocket belt outwear
2. Platinum PU leather flower round women gold wrist watch
3. Women bow irregular hem long sleeved patchwork t-shirt
4. Pocket casual sexy split loose long cardigan
5. Women slim bodycon hollow lace floral crochet knee length high waist pencil skirt

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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