tips to follow when hiring a migration agent

tips to follow when hiring a migration agent

Whether you are looking for a family visa or an employment visa, it is often made much easier if you use the services of a reputable firm to assist you with the process. You can find many lawyer firms offering these services, so you will need to make sure that you choose the best firm for your situation, whatever type of visa it is that you require. Here are some tips to follow when hiring a migration agent.


The tactic of no win, no fee, is a very popular one with many law firms offering all types of services. You will have to pay the fees required for the processing of your visa, but if your application is not successful, they will refund their service charge. Because of this tactic, most law firms will only accept clients that they think will be successful, so it does help to reassure clients of their application when a law firm accepts them as a client.


Another service offered by many firms to stay competitive is offering a free first consultation. The first consultation will not commit you to using the firm’s service, but it allows you to get to know who you are potentially dealing with, as well as letting them know about your circumstances. Make sure that you prepare for you consultation and have all of the necessary paperwork that is required.


As well as the lawyer questioning you about your circumstances so they can assess they likely success of your application, it is also an opportunity for you to interview the lawyer and find out about their firm. You will want to make sure that they are registered with MARA – Migration Agents Registration Authority. You can even check the MARA website to make sure that your potential migration agent in Brisbane is currently registered. You will want to ask about the success rates for people in the same circumstances as yourself, which most reputable firms will readily make available that sort of information. Make sure that you work out a list of questions before you speak to the agent and do not trust everything that is written on their website. Do not be afraid to ask questions, and if some of the replies do not make sense because of the legal jargon that they use, ask them to explain themselves in more detail. Different agents have different specialities, so it is important to make sure that you speak to agents that are highly experienced in your required field of expertise. When you have finished you will need to go away and have a think about which migration agent you feel it would be best to use for your application.


More important tips to follow when hiring a migration agent, when you have finished your consultation, and if they have offered to accept you as a client, you will need to choose an agent to start your application. Before you do so, it is an idea to check out reviews of each agent you could potentially use. There is a lot of information available online, and people will often give their reviews of a firm’s services that they have had experience dealing with. With this information, your quote, and what you gained from the initial consultation, you will be able to make an informed decision and choose your migration agent. When you have made a decision, you can start your application and get ready to take a big step towards a new life.



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