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The kind folks at Ocean Spray sent me a pack featuring their low in sugar fruit drinks with the challenge of completing one week of healthy swaps. This was the kind of challenge I found myself delighted to participate in, especially after making a point to retain a more healthy lifestyle for the year 2016. And considering my recent sojourn to the USA, a trip which saw me indulging a little too much in Mexican food whilst relying heavily on our rental Jeep for getting around town.

For me, the start of my healthy swap journey began with the most obvious; substituting my consumption of fizzy soft drink. Something that has surprisingly become an irritating habit, seeing me reaching for heavily carbonated drinks over water for hydration. Having never had a thirst for soft drink growing up, it’s been a surprising habit which has developed into adulthood. This was something I felt like I may struggle with and yet surprisingly I found the switch to be rather effortless. And that is thanks to Ocean Spray. While I am an avid lover of anything consisting of cranberry, I am at times doubtful over the actual taste of products that are low in sugar or low in fat. It was always safe to assume that in being slightly more on the healthy side, that the overall taste and consistency would be compromised. But Ocean Spray have definitely busted such a myth for me. Not only are these low sugar fruit drinks versatile and a great swap for those unhealthy drinks people consume daily, such as fizzy soda, but they are also incredibly delicious and refreshing, especially when chilled. And with only ten calories per serve, I didn’t detect a note of compromise, only that fruity, tart taste of cranberry that I adore. Making these low sugar fruit drinks a great everyday beverage option for those looking to cut calories but keep taste.

The other swaps I decided to implement during the week was switching from greasy fast food to a healthier and more satisfying alternative like salads or a home cooked meal. To remain committed to my facial cleanser over facial wipes to remove make up from my face. And finally to swap going for a run from every second or third day to making this a daily practice. Overall switching my soft drink consumption to Ocean Spray’s low sugar fruit juice has been the easiest to transition for me. With exception to my beauty routine, the other endeavours not so much, however I am determined to see this through. Especially when it comes to fast food.



The products in this review have been c/o Ocean Spray. Words and opinions expressed above are my own.

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