My staple, go-to uniform consists of some form of denim bottoms (preferably in dark hues) and a crisp white something above. For me this my version of a blank canvas; the quintessential foundation for styling. It essentially forms that coveted model off duty look we all aspire for. That minimal, “I just chucked this on”, yet deliriously polished look. It’s a look that works wondrously on it’s own, but even better when accompanied with one or two accoutrements. This time round I paired my old faithful with a jacket from Newchic. I can’t say I was overly pleased when I first received it. I’d been gifted this along with another piece (more on that one soon). The jacket compared to the second item was something less than desirable, it also greatly varied from the image online. The quality of the fabric isn’t the best, it’s overly fine and sans stretch. And then there was the colour. I was expecting a more olive tone and instead was graced with something much too effervescent for my liking. But it’s started to grow on me. And surprisingly it seems to photograph well too. Only time will tell if I’ll embrace this piece or not.

Also surprisingly is the extreme blondness in my hair. Back in January, prior to my sojourn abroad, I left the country notably brunette. And yet having returned I am amazed to see just how lightened my hair became. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever actually experienced such a hair phenomena – not to this extent and during such a brief period no less. So you may not have guessed that I’ve got in hair extensions from Irrisitible Me. Naturally I’ve never had any issues with the growth of my hair. In fact I find it grows annoyingly rapidly. So when I look for extensions, it’s never about length for me, it’s all about the volume. Volume is something I long for when it comes to my hair. You’ll never see me with a perfectly polished do because I hate that “flattened” out look. I like my hair big. Not 80’s big, just voluminous. And these extensions have certainly delivered that. I’d truly recommend them if you’re in the market for extensions. Quality is fantastic and so was shipping.

On a seperate note, excuse the severe sour puss face. That cringe worthy final image is the cause of sun glare. I probably should have had on sunglasses but time was rather scarce that day. It was also unbearably humid. If you didn’t believe me before, I truly do not function well in the heat.


 WEARING:  Jacket c/o NewchicASOS tank, ASOS Ridley jeans (similar), Diane von Furstenburg Haven flats (similar herehere and here), ASOS necklace (similar) and rings (similar)

 BEAUTY NOTES:  nails – Rimmel – Cranberry zest (similar), hair extensions c/o – Irresistible Me

Photos by Elizabeth Oro

sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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