What is your opinion on designer collaborations with high street brands?

Personally, I am all for them; especially the Target kind. In Australia I do find the hype is nowhere near as extreme as what it once was. I remember when Stella McCartney designed for Target, the first of its kind, and it was sheer madness. I also recall how divided the masses were. There were those of us who revelled at the chance to effortlessly acquire some Stella. Then there were the others, content with sitting on the sidelines; full of judgement and unabashed chortling.

I remembering overhearing some co-workers ridiculing the hysteria, despite having gone to Target to peruse the range themselves mind you. They were blatantly mocking the “plebes” who went ape shit crazy for Stella’s pieces. And their reasoning for doing so, because it’s still Target. I was floored by this obnoxiousness, and truthfully I put down their cruelty to pure envy for having missed out on collecting something for themselves. And it got me thinking. Why does one purchase something designer at all? Is it to feel highbrow? To attain something just because it’s expensive and you can show it off? Or because you appreciate the quality and craft behind an idea or brand? I like to think of myself as a person who purchases something because it speaks to me; not because it’s exuberantly pricey. It shouldn’t matter if it’s found in a designers boutique or as a collaboration on the high street because it’s still a creation conjured by that same brand.

I feel in love with this clutch from Target’s latest collaboration with the wickedly amazing Jean Paul Gaultier. There were a number of striped pieces I lusted over but I chose to invest in this instead. There’s just something so fiercely rock ‘n’ roll about it. And finally this dress from Romwe is pretty incredible. Granted, it is a little snug on me which was ultimately my own fault for not checking the size guides, but I actually don’t mind it being on the fitted side. I was slightly annoyed that it came sans lining or a slip so I had to improvise with this ASOS tank. I’m not sure that I’m feeling the white, I think I need to find something in a similar hue to the dress. Also excuse the those mules. God they are gorgeous right? Except they are a wee bit small and unbelievably I stepped out looking like that. I need to up my game people, especially if I’m going to share it on the internets, forever cementing these lovelies on my feet as a major faux pas. But then that’s life isn’t it? You aren’t always picture perfect and this idea of continually posting such ridiculousness online and on social media is detrimental to the impressionable.


WEARING: Pocket wrap dress c/o Romwe, ASOS singlet/slip, Spurr Ebony mules (similar), Jean Paul Gaultier for Target clutch, Missguided aviators (similar).

Photos by Elizabeth Oro

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