So maybe you’ve had a good streak of luck in your life and you haven’t really been in enough trouble to bother about that someone who’s out to get you whether it’s for your life, money, or material object.

One of the more common troubles that you could likely get yourself in is diamond scams. I mean, who doesn’t buy diamonds? Whether it’s for themselves, their fiancé, or their mother, diamonds are almost always present in the equation. They’re the epitome of value and when you give them to someone special; it’s a symbol of your love for them.

Now before you get carried away with just how romantic it would be to shop for diamond jewellery peering over the jewellery store display like you were Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, let’s take a look at the pessimistic side of things and assume that you could get scammed. How do you avoid it? Below are some tips that you might find useful.

  • Get a certification for your diamond

Make sure it is certified by a reputable association like the Gemmological Institute of America or the American Gem Society. The certification should have the important details of the diamond in the jewellery such us carat, clarity, cut, and colour.

Diamond Jewellery Studio in Brisbane is an example of a reliable jeweller that will provide you with certification for every potential diamond purchase that you make. Choosing a piece of diamond jewellery is already tedious enough with millions of designs to choose from. You don’t want to be bothered thinking whether your jeweller will scam you or not.

To verify that you are looking at a legitimate certificate and not one that has been tampered or forged, you can copy the serial number of the lab report. Cross-reference it with the lab where the certification came from. If not verified, don’t bother going back to the same jewellery store as the same case might be with their other diamonds.

  • Keep your eyes on your diamond at all times

If this is just your first time visiting the jewellery store but you’ve already decided to purchase a diamond, make sure to keep an eye on your diamond at all times as diamond switching could occur. You don’t know the attendants or the jeweller enough to verify whether they are ethical or not. You want to hope that they are but you never know.

The opportunity to switch diamonds usually comes when you are not looking at your diamond like say, if you’re having the setting adjusted, or taking it for a simple cleaning. These unscrupulous associates usually replace your diamond with high quality CZ stones since they look just as good as real diamonds to someone who isn’t trained to valuate diamonds.

  • If they hesitate, don’t push it

The jeweller you’re buying your diamonds from should be willing to present information like grading and certification to verify its legitimacy. This is a pre-requisite they should be able to do before even closing a transaction.

If they say no or hesitate to your requests for verification, then they may be hiding something they don’t want you to find out. This is a red flag and shady jewellers like this should be avoided.

You can look for leading modern designers and ask for suggestions on where to find a reliable diamond jewellery store.

Those are the full-proof ways for making sure you never get scammed when buying diamond jewellery. Not everyone is out to get you but with the amount of money people are willing to shell out for a piece of stone, you need to be careful and make sure what you’re getting is the real deal.

What other suggestions did you have to avoid getting scammed for diamond jewellery? Let us know in the comments.

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