collect antique jewellery like a pro

collect antique jewellery like a pro
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There are times when we imagine that collectors are a genre of people. It may even be genetic. In the argument for nature vs. nurture, how does this correlate to someone who grew up in a house with collectors? Do they take on their parent’s/parents’ collections or develop their own obsessions? Sometimes, a person craves to collect, but are felled by finances. We think that if you really love something and want to collect, go for it. But just be smart about it.

There are various unofficial rules and standards for buying or to collect antique jewellery like a pro. If you’re inexperienced, but want to begin, it’s important to shop armed with information.


One of the most potentially beautiful collectibles are antique earrings online available at Antique earrings can not only be loved and worn, they make gorgeous collectibles. You don’t even have to go on Pinterest for ideas of how to display a collection. Craft shops have beautiful shadow boxes – thus not only satisfying the craving for the collection, but giving a room in your home an artistic display that’s also practical.


Back to being “smart” about collecting. No matter what somebody else tells you or how they might talk you into it, do not buy something you do not love. There are, of course, exceptions – for example, if you come across some crazy insane good deal on a piece of jewellery you know you’ll be able to sell for profit. But do not take the word of the seller, unless you’ve evolved onto the point where you’ve become an expert yourself. It’s always smart to do research. The jewellery market, based on the trends of metal and gems, waxes and wanes. You can’t rely on “old” information. Keep current, as you would with anything you’re mildly obsessing over.

A hot tip to collect antique jewellery like a pro is to avoid buying anything you’re adding to a collection on credit. No matter how “good” the deal will appear, interests rates will push the price of that item up quickly. Only buy what you have the money for – or don’t buy at this time. Patience, as you know, is a virtue.


Many men love the idea of watch collecting. It reminds them of a transitional place in their lives, when they made the journey from childhood into young adulthood, especially if they’re from cultures in which a precious timepiece can represent a rite of passage. One of the most beautiful watches a man can own are Omega Constellation watches. Blogger Robert-Jan Broer declares that the Omega Constellation “is the watch that basically started it all for me.” Family members, he says, had them, and when he finally inherited his own, a 1968-era vintage one, it had special significance: his grandfather had worn the watch on his wrist for 40 years. It started him collecting.

Men like Broer aren’t the only ones who collect, there are also factions of women who love collecting watches, specifically, Omega Constellation watches designed for women.


Like other coveted items – Rolex watches, Lacoste shirts and Louis Vuitton handbags – the Omega Constellation watch, unfortunately, has been reproduced, shoddily, and fakes are sold as the real deal. If you develop a fondness for Omega Constellation watches, it is extremely valuable for you to know how to spot fake omega constellation watches. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is – your best bet is to shop at a respected establishment.

So there you go, now we know how to collect antique jewellery, as well as watches. You do not need to be a rocket scientist if you want to collect antique items. There are only a few simple things to always remember so that you would not be caught up by devious people who are out there luring innocent victims to buy fake antique jewellery.



// This article has been contributed by Katrina Fernandez

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Guest - Daring Coco

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