Have you ever been so captivated by an image, so mesmerized and intrigued that you find yourself moving mountains to attain or draw near to such things? Let me elaborate further. A while back a friend posted a series of magnificent milkshake imagery onto Facebook and I’ve been drooling ever since. And I am not the only one because his actions inevitably began a chain reaction amongst our circle; seeing the majority of us dining and photographing such delicious finds within the spate of a mere two weeks. Praise upon praise was showered, vibrant and opulent food porn tantalizing and teasing the senses.

Sadly I will say that I wasn’t a fan of the milkshakes; despite the decidedly anticipation. Seeing copious tables enjoying a glass or two, the sheer intensity and creativity behind such creations was seriously alluring. My brunching companion, Elizabeth and myself ordered one each, the “mega shake’ kind, a strawberries and cream and salted caramel. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not their greatest cheerleader purely because they tasted more on the milky side rather than something artificial. Which seemingly is ideal for a milkshake, but I am a person who doesn’t like milk period. And yes I know how ridiculous that sounds, but the frivolity and novelty of it all was well worth the experience. Plus the ice cream, fresh fruit and classic shortbread biscuits that adorn the top are more than palatable for this uber fussy eater.

And if those innovative milkshakes seem too grandiose to tackle, don’t fret because they also come in smaller, more manageable sizes. The same pomp and palaver, just half in stature. There’s also a vast breakfast and lunch menu to browse, as well as vivid and tempting cake display to peruse. Being someone incapable resisting a breakfast menu or poached eggs, naturally I gravitated towards the Benedict kind. Accompanied with a seriously crispy and hearty hash brown and bacon; this was utterly delectable on a cold Melbourne morn. Elizabeth settled for some smashed avocado and eggs on toast. Not only was presentation completely on point, the dish itself was inventive and truthfully faultless. Also incredibly Instagramable. Because such things are of high importance these days no?

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