black ASOS jeans, a black Cotton On tank, a black ASOS duster (similar) and some black Chelsea booties (similar). There’s a great deal of black because I’m getting ready for work and of late, this is what consumes most of my time these days. It’s nothing glamorous or slightly adventurous being that I need to keep to an all black colour palette, though the accompaniment of a duster and my The Fifth watch does make me feel slightly more stylish and less like a frumpy merchandiser.

Crazy Rich Asians. Still. Unbelievably I am yet to make much headway with this book. Not because I don’t like in, in fact I really adore this novel, it’s just that I can’t seem to find time lately for anything much more than work. And reading is something that I miss and yearn to do more of. Especially considering how cooler the days have become.

all this dreamy chilly weather hitting Melbourne Town. The days are beyond crisp with hints of sunshine. If only I could take advantage of those arctic mornings and stay in bed that while longer. And speaking of, those mornings do leave little to be desired with nuisance frost enveloping my vehicle, which has always been parked in a garage and now I’ve been forced to keep him out in the driveway. I honestly can not cope with this new ritual of battling frosty icicles, condensation and frozen fingers. How does everyone else in my street manage?

with online shopping. I’ve done some serious damage and I can’t find the will to cease, despite my accounts serious cries of pain. I’ve felt unnecessarily compelled to spring clean and restock Le Wardrobe. New pieces to join the party include these Tom Ford Anouska’s and a Status Anxiety wallet both pictured above. I finally said adieu to my beloved Gucci tri-fold, one I’ve had in use for nearly a decade and sadly I’m not entirely sold on my new wallet. I am a devoted tri-fold lover and this is no tri-fold, which was my main reason for not updating it in the first place. This style seems to be a rarity and I just can’t with those other designs, the kind the market seems to be over inflated with. Where have all these wallets gone? Of course since acquiring and upgrading to this one, all I note is tri-fold wallet. Why Universe, why?

 YSL Rouge Pur Couture, No 10 more and more. I don’t usually wear lipstick because I kind of like a naked lip on me, and I don’t usually wear it to work because it’s too much maintenance since I’m out on the road all day. But this one isn’t too bad, it’s long wearing and doesn’t bleed.

 to Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex Love Sounds. An oldie but such a goodie.

You who came from the stars. Rowena from Rolala Loves and Emmy Lou from Scarberian Fashion Lover have got me hooked onto Korean dramas! It’s started with Descendants of the Sun and now I’m moving onto this series. It’s about an Alien living on Earth for 400 years is set to return home just as he finds the girl he fell in love with here on Earth back when he first arrived. I’m halfway through the series now, so girls if you want to give me a list of other dramas to watch then let me know! This may be contributing to my lack of reading time. Hashtag, sorry, not sorry.

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sonia // daring coco
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