unearthing time magazine, the new app


time magazine, the new app

I don’t know about you guys, but lately it feels like there is a sheer lack of professionalism in journalism. Well it’s been rather inadequate for some time now, especially in regards to online formats. From irrelevant stories to shameful spelling and grammar errors, it’s truly astounding what gets published these days. Tales about celebrities such as the Kardashians are no longer reserved for gossip channels. Immoral “click-bait” has become rife, that heinous play on words and statements, all in the hopes of luring unsuspecting readers into clicking their links.

Whatever happened to relevancy?

And it’s not purely exclusive to online activities. The media in general these days is teeming with nonsense and superficial content. It is bias and frivolous and very much a popularity contest. It’s a guessing game of sorts, hypothesizing on what readers want to read and choosing shock value over actual aptness. Thankfully there’s still quality journalism out there and it can be found in none other than TIME magazine. It’s a perpetually trusted source, continually delivering excellence from around the globe. They go beyond simple facts; delving deeper and always querying. I believe TIME magazine are the superior source for factual analysis, giving their reader’s proper clarity and perspective to each and every published story.

TIME magazine has launched an impressive new app and I was invited to peruse and review it. It’s a free download boasting an engaging and interactive format, taking reading to a truly unique and exciting new level. You can view a quick demo of the app here. Personally I found it to be rather effortless in terms of use. The app itself is tailored to your region, so each story is guaranteed to be of applicability. There’s a quick and detailed help guide to start you up and an icon key for future references, if needed. The design is streamline and sleek and in a world of minimalism and monochrome it’s rather fetching having each section colour coordinated.

One of my favourite components is the “Light Box” section. A feature showcasing five of the best photographic finds. These images are not the standard, wanderlust inducing imagery of perfect palm trees and immaculate cerulean waters. These are thought provoking photographs from various parts of the world, each one accompanied with an informative caption highlighting and narrating each story. It’s a small yet powerful glimpse at world issues and events that aren’t so readily reported on. And when it comes to the articles I have to say it is simply refreshing to read something of high calibre. Not only in terms of topic but in the writing itself, which is clear, concise and uncomplicated.

If you’ve found yourself weary and exasperated over mediocre media and the crude and inferior topics covered then I highly recommend you check out TIME magazine, the new app. Currently they are offering 65% off subscriptions until the end of June 2016, so that everyone can have a chance to experience and decipher what quality content and journalism truly is.

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Photo by Elizabeth Oro. This has been a sponsored post brought to you by Nuffnang and TIME Magazine. Words and opinions expressed above are my own


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