There’s something about a button down shirt that I can’t resist. It’s undeniably transcendent and while attaining that immaculate fit can be most arduous at times, when you do encounter it, boy is it magical. When it comes to the maintenance of such sartorial pieces, the latest string of cotton acquisitions has made me utterly complacent and seemingly forgetful of such modern contraptions like the iron. Yes this beloved shirt could have done with a pressing but there is no point in crying over spilt milk. Truthfully I do this far to often as my friends can attest, being somewhat disheveled has become “my thing”, or always has been. I feel like I’ve gotten this down to a fine art really, even in terms of hairstyling. I’ve never been one to fancy myself over slick and deathly straight locks. I adopt a more voluminous style. Something akin to that of Caroline de Maigret, who’s perfectly chaotic tresses are something I have longed to achieve. Even those bangs, so perfectly unkempt have me reaching for my scissors every damn time.


Zara shirt (similar here or here

ASOS Ridley jeans 

Sol Sana Toni II boots 

3.1 Phillip Lim Alix handbag 

Ralph by Ralph Lauren sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop 

Larsson & Jennings watch 

Icecap bracelet c/o Valentina

Lips // MAC, Kinda Sexy

If you follow me on Snapchat (see the sidebar for my Snap Code and details) you’d recall that I recently had my hairs made over. So why didn’t I request bangs? Well I still cherish the freedom of having a side part that can easily be swept away from my face. I’ve been torn for many months now. If only there was a way to possess both without being wildly offensive. Sigh. I’ve also showcased a string of recent procurements like these stylish Ralph Sunglasses. I am loving the oversized take on the classic cat eye shape. It’s beautifully rounded and complimentary. As are the minimalistic frames.

And of course, a while back the kind folks from Valentina sent me the gorgeous “Icecap” bracelet. Featuring an assortment of delicately adorned charms, like the shimmery effects on the crisp white and the exquisite flecks of gold that can be found haphazardly on the mauve. Aside from captivating my heart with its charms (no pun intended) the ethics behind this company and their brand mission is admirable. They believe fashion shouldn’t cost the Earth nor should it compromise it any shape or form. They are committed to limiting waste while ensuring packaging is recyclable. Best of all they also give proceeds from each sale to a charity of their choice. Currently they’re offering a generous 30% off their entire range, valid for the next 30 days with the code: Sonia30.

Photos by Elizabeth Oro 

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