I remember seeing an article about Left Field on Broadsheet months ago. I was curious, as the tag line promised a delectably seductive new offering on Koornang Road; a road I venture on almost weekly for work. At the time, I had difficulty envisioning anything contemporary at this location, even wondering at times if perhaps the writer of the article had been mistaken about its site. But alas they were not as suddenly work began and I become fixated watching that iconic yet lifeless pink heritage building being transformed into something starkly striking. Seemingly I’d been eagerly anticipating its opening but in turn, so had the rest of Melbourne. For weeks I watched as hoards of people stood in lines that reached out the doors and onto the road itself. And to this day those lines are ridiculous still. I truthfully can not recall a singular day where I am yet to witnessed this business have a “slow” day.

A few weeks ago a friend and I finally made our way down for brunch. We decided to brave the chill and occupy an outside booth as there was no wait. But if we found ourselves having to pause, well it would have been well worth it. The interior, much like the building itself is minimal and classically white with ample wooden features. There’s soft touches of greenery to be found dotted throughout, mostly the kind of fauna exclusive to this country, like Bottlebrush centrepieces and hints of Eucalyptus on countertops. Overall I found the coffee to be exceptional, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t do coffee on a whim. The food, as you can see pictured above is creative, artistic and palatable. This time I decided against eggs and went for the Portobello Mushrooms, which were divine. I found myself unsure where to begin however, it’s resplendency too magnificent to disturb and disrupt with my fork. The menu has various inventive offerings, from savoury to sweet. Though I have to admit, I’ve been eager to return just so I can devour their Cookies and Cream Sliders. Those words in itself sound blissfully indulgent and hold such promise of ethereal delight.


358 Koornang Road



03 9578 2043

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