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It’s easy to ensure that your home’s interiors is always at its best and following the current decor trends. After all, you live amongst it all, and will be very aware if anything ever needs changing or updating. However, when it comes to our gardens, keeping on top of all their gardening maintenance and making sure they always look up to scratch is often a different kettle of fish altogether. After all, not everyone is into gardening and all the hard work that comes with it. But it’s still important to try to keep on top of your property’s outdoor areas so that it doesn’t drag down the overall appearance of your home.

Do you consider yourself a lazy gardener? If so, these tips will help you develop your green fingers and make sure that your garden stays in top condition. Here are some tips that will make gardening easy for even the laziest of gardeners!


When you are choosing the types of plants to go in your garden, it’s a good idea to focus on low-maintenance ones that gardening won’t take up too much of your time. There are even some low-maintenance vegetables that you will be able to plant if you want a veg patch but not all of the hassle that usually comes with them. Strawberries are surprisingly easy to grow, and you will be able to simply leave them once planted until they are ready to harvest. There are other plants and veggies like strawberries, and it’s really worth adding them to your garden so that you don’t waste too much time tending to the different plants.


It’s also worth looking for some companion plants when you are choosing your garden’s greenery too. These are plants that will do some of your jobs for you and look after their neighbouring foliage. For instance, some tall plants and bushes will be able to provide smaller flowers with shelter from the sun and wind. If you do some companion planting around your garden, you will find that your plants will be a lot healthier and you won’t have to carry out so much work.


One of the big jobs that comes with gardening has to be watering the plants. Some gardeners will tell you that you need to water your whole garden twice a day to ensure that everything gets enough to drink. However, that isn’t the case, as most plants will thrive if you don’t water them quite so much. In fact, if you do some deep watering once a week, which means providing them with enough water so that ​the soil is moist at least 5 cm below the surface, then you won’t have to water them so much through the week. This will also encourage stronger roots to grow.


Next, it’s worth raising all of your flower beds. You can buy wooden frames that you will need to simply fill with soil and plant your flowers in, or you could make them yourself if you fancy a DIY project. There are many benefits of raising your beds, but one of the main ones is that they are very easy to maintain as they will warm up quickly once spring is here, so you don’t need to keep an eye on your plants through cold weather. You can also sit on the sides of them while you are doing the gardening, so your joints won’t be under so much stress!


There are various ways you can encourage your plants and flowers to grow big and strong, but one of the best is to buy a plant feeder from your local gardening store. You can find out more here about the different sprays, foods, and other types of feeders. All you need to do is apply it to your garden and then sit back and watch all your plants and flowers bloom!


Do you hate having to go outside and dig up all of the pesky weeds that make their way into your garden? Well, thankfully, there is one way you can make all that work a little bit easier. Sadly, you can’t stop weeds from growing completely, but if you try to dig them up while the soil is wet, you will find that it is a lot easier to do. It will be a lot easier to pull them out if they are in wet soil. This will make the job a lot less time-consuming, so you can get on with more important stuff!


It’s also worth encouraging some wildlife to come and visit your garden as much as possible. For instance, bees are great at pollinating various types of plants and flowers, so will help encourage a varied growth in your garden. You can try and tempt these little insects into your garden by planting some bee-friendly plants, such as lavender, honeysuckle, and ivy. It’s also a good idea to put some bird feeders in your garden so that plenty of birds come to visit. Birds often drop seeds while flying, so they will help bring new plants into your garden. Not only that, though, but they will also feed on certain pests, like slugs and snails.


If you find it difficult to still keep on top of your garden and the work that needs to be carried out in it, despite all of these tips, it could be worth adding ​a couple of artworks or water features. These will distract away from all the mess, so that your visitors don’t see any of the bad areas in your garden. For a really big focal point in your outdoor area, choose a piece of artwork that makes a huge statement.

As you can see then, you can still have a gorgeous garden even if you consider yourself to be a super lazy gardener.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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