how to choose the ideal pair of glasses

how to choose the ideal pair of glasses
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How to choose the ideal pair of glasses for your face is not an easy task. We try on different frames, and move from one shop to the next. Somehow, selecting one but still a little unsure if it is the right choice.

With that in mind we’ve composed are a few tips on how to choose the ideal pair of glasses to keep in mind when you head out next to buy that new pair of glasses. You should always select a frame depending on what the shape of your face is. If you have a face that is slightly oval in shape or has a more square shape, you should be able to tell the difference by now. This will solve all your problems related to finding your ideal eye wear. You will know exactly what to look for and you can leave all your other confusions behind.  


If you have a broad cheek and narrow chin, go for thick and thin frame styles. You can even choose walnut based frames too.


The classic feature of this face cut is that it is longer than it would be wider. Added characteristics include a long nose or an elongated chin. Try to look for frames which have more length rather than width along with a low bridge to shorten the nose level.


The features of this face-type includes wider cheekbones and a narrow jawline. In this case, you should go for over sized, angular frames. These frames will set off the roundness of your face beautifully.


This face type is narrow at the base line and towards the eye line. They have broader cheekbones that may be high and dramatic. Try frames that are rimless or cat eye shaped.

If you still find it difficult to choose that right pair of glasses, then the best shot you have is to take an opinion from a friend. In fact, most of these ideas I got from my online bingo buddies who I met on GameVillage Bingo.



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Guest - Daring Coco

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