coconut + vanilla chia puddings

chia puddingschia puddingschia puddingschia puddings

I had forgotten the simple and deliciously healthy pleasure that is the humble chia pudding. Something which was recently recalled via its undeniably distinctive texture and rekindled through its sheer lusciousness. It was at Mr Black Juicery which revived such fervent lust. Their chia puddings were teeming with coconut dreams and lavished with lashings of fresh and pureed tropical fruit. It was incredibly delectable; especially after sweating it out at a hot yoga class prior.

Their chia puddings left quite the impression on me, so much so that I felt compelled to attempt to recreate, to my best ability, a similar type of chia pudding. Now in the past I have not had much luck with chia puddings. Such endeavours saw me somehow managing to create either a sloppy, inedible mess or something more along the gelatin side; resembling more of a panna cotta than actual breakfast or brunch food. And up until this point I’d always adapted an approach of improvisation, hence such dramatic unsuccessfulness. And because of this I decided it was high time I pursued and located a recipe which was guaranteed to be a success, considering how my cravings demanded so. And I simply had zero patience or tolerance for yet another failure.

Thankfully my persistence and need for perfection paid off with . It is quick, effortless and idiot proof and with the possibility of substitutions and all without catastrophe. While I could not top mine with mango puree and slices of kiwi fruit, my addition of sliced strawberries, blueberries and crunchy almond granola more than sufficed such cravings.

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Recipe by iFOODreal


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