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Previously a former warehouse space, architecture firm Triiije have successfully transformed a dilapidated and tired area (presumably) into something youthfully eclectic and distinctly effeminate. Something that perhaps is influenced by its namesake and illustrative of a character in Nabokov’s classic.

From oriental florals and prints, a towering crystal chandelier and an opulent ceiling, there’s something rather refreshing when one encounters a space that seemingly pushes the boundaries and defies interior norms and tendencies. Lolita in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city has a vehement uniqueness in its interiors. With the fusing of Harajuku and an essence of a modern day Marie Antoinette, it’s undeniably convivial and the perfect setting for hearty gatherings.

I’m curious, as I know I have a few Slovene readers, has anyone had the pleasure of calling into Lolita?


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sonia // daring coco
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