When it comes to beauty and skincare, I hate to admit it but I used to be fairly neglectful. I wasn’t exactly blessed with immaculate skin (name me someone who is) but I was very fortunate that it wasn’t particular terrible either. Especially during my teen years when the majority of my peers broke out in acne and I didn’t. Of course when I got a pimple, I got a pimple but that was the grand extent of it. 

As the years passed I completely overlooked a proper skincare ritual. Going to bed without properly removing make-up (sometimes at all) and moisturising sporadically to name a few of my crimes. At the time, I felt it unnecessary since my skin always looked on point. That was until I hit my late twenties and suddenly overnight I woke up with a lacklustre complexion. 

All those years of abandonment had finally caught up to me.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Thankfully there are prestige skincare products delivering innovative methods to help combat age induced damage. Products from Elan Rose whose chief founder, Paolo Giacomoni has a string of accolades and has worked as a scientific researcher for brands renowned brands like Estee Lauder, Clinique and L’Oreal to name a few. He is dedicated to creating exceptional womens skin care for real people.

Elan Rose has developed two products that will help you see a beautiful difference in just three days (give or take). A claim made with two successful clinical trials. With the combined use of a Vitamin E face cream during the day and a night serum for the night you’re set to see a visible difference in luminosity, firmness and the overall smoothness of your skin. Two simple steps to flawless and well nourished skin. And all without parabens, fragrance and silicones. Best of all it won’t break the bank either. 

If I were to impart any words of wisdom when it comes to this subject then it would be this; take the necessary steps to ensure you’re looking after your skin. Even if aging isn’t a concern today, it will be tomorrow. So do what you can now. Plus it’s not like you’re going to regret protecting and tending to your skin anyway. 

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sonia // daring coco
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