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exotic accessory couture

When it comes to quotes and sayings based on fashion and style, I don’t think one phrase has prevailed nor has it been uttered more.

And that statement is none other than quality over quantity.

exotic accessory coutureexotic accessory couture


In todays world of excess and easily accessible fast fashion it’s hard not to give into that temptation. They are in fact saturated and effortless to acquire in the market. Don’t get me wrong, I am certainly not condemning such purchases. Everyone has the freedom of choice and I myself am guilty of such indulgences now and then. That said I still consider myself to be a firm believer in quality is always better than quantity. And here is why. Firstly the former says it all, quality. There is nothing more luxurious and satisfying than acquiring a little exotic accessory couture, like a genuine alligator skin handbag or alligator skin accessories that truly stands the test of time. Pieces that are seemingly flawless, produced by hand or machine using construction methods and materials that are of exceptional quality, thus making them covetable and very much appreciated. Pieces that aren’t just mass produced but meticulously crafted making them simply incomparable. And with proper care will remain as new and opulent as the first day you purchased it.

“the wearable art concept of barsum bags transforms exceptionally rare materials and adapts them for use in every day life. 

Secondly the design is almost always transcendent. Season, upon season, upon season you can reach for that piece and find relevance and copious ways to style it within your ever changing wardrobe. Exotic accessory couture ages ever so gracefully and all without prejudice making this a wise investment indeed.

Quality should always be made priority when purchasing anything sartorial, especially in terms of exotic accessory couture. Of course, where possible. If you can, certainly look into investing in well made pieces; especially when it comes to accessories as they are extremely versatile. Farbod Barsum specialises in such pieces and are firmly committed to producing luxurious and well refined handbags and accessories. Each piece is handcrafted by master artisans and all using ethically, sustainably sourced skins and all of which meet with strict CITES requirements.

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