precise photo editing with fotor

photo editing with fotor
Photography has always been a passion of mine. The ability to capture not only moments but scenes and settings that are appealing to ones eyes is what continuously attracts me to it. Visually it can be a seperate form of story telling; one that is perceptibly compelling. With unlimited scenarios at hand and copious mediums for use there truly is never a dull moment in the depiction of such tales.


“photography is an art of observation. it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.
// elliott erwitt 


photo editing with fotor

photo editing with fotor

photo editing with fotor

I get a lot of questions about the kind of equipment I use, be it on the blog or shared on social media channels like Instagram. And most are utterly surprised when I tell them it’s just my trusty iPhone camera.

A few years ago the iPhone wasn’t exactly the pinnacle of photography, and having previously lost a Canon 7D circa 2010 (not a great year for me) I made do. Fortunately Apple drastically enhanced their phone’s camera capabilities making capturing quality images effortless (and essentially voiding the imminent need to upgrade my misplaced Canon).

While my iPhone takes impeccable photos, of course it doesn’t hurt to get a little assistance with the help of photo editing apps. Photo editing with Fotor, an app that makes adjusting and fine tuning your images uncomplicated and all without losing valuable image quality. I was recently introduced to this app and given the chance to review it. I’ve been playing around with it now for over one week and have to admit I am really enjoying its versatility and ease. You simply import a photo or capture a scene straight from the app itself and edit away. There are numerous functions at your disposal, from the basic necessities like contrast, brightness, highlights and saturation to features like “enhancement” which automatically adapts your image to perfection and “scenes” which modifies tones and lighting naturally to correspond with the image subject.

Truthfully this is my favorite feature of the app. There’s numerous scenarios at your disposal, from landscape to portrait. My preferred setting is the latter which gives my images a soft, yet contrasting glow. If you’re wondering about filters, of course there’s an ever growing selection to peruse and apply. Photo editing with Fotor have also an exclusive community set up with daily photographic challenges you can submit work to. There’s even a feature to create magazine type collages. This is actually perfect for blog posts if you want to seamlessly incorporate text to images. Stay tuned because this will no doubt be making a regular occurrence on here now.

Fotor aren’t simply limited to an app. They also have an online service where you can also create cards, banners, posters and even YouTube channel art. Again, effortless to use and create straight from your desktop. If you’re curious for more check out, download and start photo editing with Fotor now.

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This has been a sponsored post for Fotor. Opinions and words expressed have been written by myself and are my own


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