WEARING  Puma Fenty faux fur slides after having them boxed and confined in tags since August. I don’t know why it took me so long so embrace them. And now I’m praying that any dreaded heat will remain at bay a while longer, just so I can enjoy wearing these for a few weeks more. Because I honestly can’t envision slipping these on during an intense Australian summer.

 USING  3ina nail polishes. I don’t know what it is about this brand but I am irrevocably drawn to it. The store layout is nothing revolutionary and yet feels avant-guard to me. The colours are plentiful and dynamic and ranges available are comprehensive. I’ve been smitten with their nail polishes not just for looks but for durability (with their gel-like top coat that is).

 LOVING  this gifted mirrored rose gold phone case from Light In The Box. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received with this bad boy, I’ve even been stopped in the middle of a store about it. While it’s undeniably charming. it’s also rather resilient. I know this from an unfortunate incident or two. Best of all I adore the mirrored surface, which comes in handy at the best of times. Overall for being well under $10 this is such a steal. Check it out here for more colours and size options.

 OBSESSED  my new Canon toy. Impetuously I decided to invest in the EOS M3 after reading a few positive reviews online. I was originally in the market for something mirrorless and lightweight (while I “save” up for a 5D) but hadn’t done much, if any, research on models period. I may have regretted such vagary at first but I’ve been overly pleased with this impulse buy as it has been such a treat to play with. Quality wise it’s been an obvious step up from my iPhone camera as you’ll probably note in a previous post (here). I’ve been rather taken with the images it produces and the copious functions available. I only wished I had pulled the trigger sooner.

 LISTENING  to Revolution Radio by Green Day. These guys are always so damn consistent with their sound and always know how to make me feel like I’m nineteen again.

 WATCHING  K Dramas. I probably should have placed this in the obsessed section because I am very much infatuated. Its become a nightly habit these days and a nice break from the mundane. I’ve really taken to what I sometimes perceive to be overly corny storylines and wacky sense of humour. I’ve also become quite the “expert” in anticipating these storylines. Rowena from Rolala Loves once mentioned how formulaic these shows tend become and boy was she right. There’s always some kind of catastrophic car crash or bizarre u-turn scene scripted once or twice into the plot. But I think that’s one of the reasons why I adore them. Currently I’m watching Shopaholic Louis which has been increasingly humorous; most involving incidents with vehicles. 

 HOPING  for a white Christmas but obviously, when pigs fly.



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