wild hearts

wild hearts

wild hearts

“everything carries me to you. as if everything that exists, aromas, lights, metals, were little boats that sail toward those isles of yours which wait for me.

// pablo neruda


wild hearts

Feeling wild and carefree with a little help from Emma & Roe. And while I’ve always favoured flowers adorning my hair over glistening diamonds around my neck, at times I can’t help but find myself wavering on such preferences; especially when placed right in front of me.

After all they do say that diamonds are a girls best friend.

Though I don’t like limited generalisations, I think it is safe to say that the majority of females (and even males) do have certain inclinations and an undeniable attraction when it comes to precious metals and charms. Be it gold tones or lustrous silvers, we can’t deny such gravitation and allurement, especially during this time of year. As Valentine’s Day nears, such calls and enchantments are rife within us; regardless of relationship status.

I’ve always associated Valentine’s Day with three things, decadent jewellery, lush florals and velveteen words. There’s nothing more winsome than a verse or two of poetry. While I adore the melancholic works of John Keats, in contrast to such moods I’m perpetually drawn to the delicate sonnets of Pablo Neruda for feelings of longing and lust. And much like a poetic verse, Emma & Roe‘s exceptional jewellery designs are at essence teeming with intense emotions which makes them ideal for Valentine’s Day gifts. From feelings of happiness to sentiments of grand joy and preservation, each piece is easily interpreted. Like the pieces above in which they kindly gifted to me, the first the wild heart with its entwined leather, symbolic and akin to the infinity symbol; evermore and everlasting. Two adjustable beaded bracelets, one featuring howlite stones for inner wisdom while the other rose quartz for unconditional love; a tutelage and talisman of sorts. And the lotus charm, a tale of strength and rebirth through darkness, a journey we easily associate with.


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