and shuffling through a confusing mix of sheer pieces and longer, lighter layers. True to form Melbourne is torrid and sizzling one minute, refreshingly arctic the next. I am currently enduring yet another stint of sultry warmth while impatiently awaiting for a much anticipated wintry snap. I honestly can not wait to see the back of summer.

fake tanners like my life depends on it. Bondi Sands have been my go-to lately and I’ve been impressed with the results and longevity. Considering the price point that is. That said it does leave my skin feeling overly leathery, regardless of how much moisture I glaze upon myself daily. Honestly it is the only thing that I can account for this vexatious spout of exsiccation on my arms and legs but these radiantly dark results achieved far outweigh this slight nuisance. Also there’s the (not so) minuscule fact that I happened to purchase several bottles while they were on sale, so it’s imperative I utilize them. Sometimes I really wish I wouldn’t be so impulsive when it comes to sales.

 Josie Marans Argan Liquid Gold for my face. I remember seeing this months ago and its claims left quite the impression on me. I was originally intrigued by the notion of tanning whilst simultaneously treating pesky fine lines. Especially since I’ve began noticing them boldly announce themselves around my eyes. I’ve been using it for the last two to three months now and I can’t say there has been a dramatic reduction in those wicked lines (then again this may need further inspection using new my glasses) but regardless I’ll continue using this product solely for the lively bronze glow it provides and not to forget the entertaining glass liquid dropper. I prefer to use this overnight so that I begin each morning with illuminated skin.

more K Drama’s. Typical. I don’t think this is a bandwagon I’ll be hoping off anytime soon. Currently just started watching Healer (check the synopsis here because it’s too difficult and complex for me to properly clarify) after completing The K2 and enjoying a storyline of messed up vindictive protagonists and Ji Chang Wook. I’m finding these storylines are a refreshing break from commonplace reality TV which seems to have permeated every single channel. I’m not entirely opposed to reality TV and I am quite the avid spectator of The Real Housewives franchises but I’ve began reaching my limits. How many stupid “arranged” marriages and bachelor programs must we as a society endure? It feels like producers are continuously clutching at straws while incompetently reinventing the wheel.

a European getaway to the west coast of the Mediterranean. Albeit last minute as per usual. Attempting to finalise travel dates is proving difficult considering everyone seems intent on embarking during periods that I am unable to sojourn on. Curse you Travel Gods. Last year Europe was on everyones radar during the summer months. This year it seems that the crowds are vying for springtime breaks. Sigh. And speaking of Korea I’ve been itching to visit this country more and more. To say their dramas have sparked an interest is an understatement. Also Japan after seeing this country through Kat from Wanderhour’s eyes which never fails to be ever so enchanting (as all her photo’s are). And after learning about her intent to voyage back in October I’ve began doing some research on it myself. While seeing Japan during the spring has always been something I’ve yearned to experience, perusing those streets laden with golden tones would be equally as enthralling.

with the photo above from a recent photo shoot. And while that may or may not be yet another duster coat, the actual location for this was one of my favorites to date. Despite the hoards of prying eyes behind tinted glass windows at the office block on the opposite side of the road. Oh and the copious drivers who happened to drive past and signaled their interest and curiosity. Originally while scoping this spot out it was deathly quiet, of course by the time we were ready to shoot it seemed like the entire populace got the memo and felt compelled to venture to this secluded area. While I’m still not comfortable in front the camera, the banter between my friend Liz and I certainly helps with that firm sense of self consciousness and I can’t wait to share the rest of the photos with you all.

Photo by Elizabeth Oro 

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