A chaotic weave of blonde and coalescing brunette strands courtesy of irascible winds and emerald green sateen glistening mutely amongst the encroaching storm clouds. Stardust, not quite, but a firm yearning for the celestial. One venerated and aggrandised with the accompaniment of elysian themed pieces, from heels to earrings; highly favoured for obvious reasons. Of course such winsomeness was something we failed to capture with thanks to Mother Nature. As was the sheer lawlessness surrounding my locks.

One that you’d easily be mistaken into thinking that zero effort was put in place, despite being seriously on fleek.

It’s also pure coincidence that I don green simultaneously following St Patricks Day a mere few days prior. Emerald and deep green tones are poised to make a grand debut sartorially and I for one have been discreetly gathering pieces and finds here and there, adding to an over expanding and ever so frivolous collection. The most recent acquisition this shirt from Zaful. And yet another resplendent and unique find from this online store. A glorious deep jewel hue in a satin fabric deliciously playing homage to the nineties yet extra playful with fanciful drop shoulders and extreme length sleeves. Somewhat reminiscent of the humble pyjama shirt, sans the standard piping fare, but equally as captivating and dare I say it wonderfully comforting.

Another point of note are these optical glasses from Glasseslit. If you recall I showcased a different style on a previous post. These happen to be my favourite pair of the two. Translucent frames paired with transcendent animalistic tortoise shell. A daring combination; subtle yet not absolutely, striking, very much so. Just ask the countless humans who approach me on a daily basis seeking such beauty. You can get yours here, with or without prescription lenses because either works a treat.

 Jamie wayfarer optical glasses c/o Glasseslit   .   Satin shirt c/o Zaful   .   Kmart denim skirt (similar here and here)   .   Missguided heels   .   Lovisa Celestial earrings   .   3.1 Phillip Lim Alix bag


Photos by Elizabeth Oro 

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sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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