do you dare to try these days out?

Are you bored of the standard days out? Maybe a trip to the shopping mall, a cheeky meal out, or even a night out on the town for a few nice cocktails? They’re all perfectly good days and nights out, but they’re just so predictable. They’re fine to do once or twice a month, but every so often you really need to switch it up and find something interesting to do. There are some days out that aren’t for the faint hearted, and they’re definitely going to get your mind working and your heart racing. But, isn’t that when you have the most fun? For all you adrenaline seeking junkies, here’s some days out for you that we know you’re going to love.

try these days out
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If you like putting your mind to use, then there are a few days out that are going to suit you. But one of the best that we think you’re going to like is an escape room. An escape room works by locking you in a room, or a set of rooms, and you have to get out by figuring out many different clues that will lead to the key. The level of difficulty can range. There are some that are more suitable for the smarter ones of you, and there are those that will just put your mind to the test a little bit. It’s a great little day out that you can enjoy with pretty much anyone. There are some that allow you to try and get from room to room for hours, and others that might only take you up to an hour. It all depends on the experience you want and what type of escape room you’re going to try and do. Plus, they’re really not that expensive either! 


If you want to get your heart racing a bit, but don’t fancy anything too daring, you could do something fun like go kart racing. It’s something that a lot of people forget about, but it can create so much fun… if you’re good at it. If you go with a group of friends or with your family, it become a really competitive day out, but the competitiveness is what gets your heart racing. It’s going to be slightly more expensive than the escape room idea, and the time that you’re there is generally the same length. But, a lot of the places have food establishments so you can grab a bite to eat after.


If you’re looking to go all out, then zip lining or bungy jumping is the one for you. If you have the heart to do it, it can create so much fun. Zip lining is probably not going to be as bad as bungy jumping, but they definitely get that adrenaline flowing. There’s plenty of places that do it all over the world, and plenty of different sceneries that you can do it in. Cave zip lining is something that is becoming ever more popular. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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