finding space in a small bathroom

finding space in a small bathroom

If you have moved into a home with a small bathroom, you might be under the impression that you can never do anything meaningful with your space. However, you’ll be very glad to know that there are actually plenty of things you can do for finding space in a small bathroom to make it feel more spacious, and give you that relaxing space you need at the end of the day


The first thing you can do for finding space in a small bathroom is to add a sense of space is to ditch the shower curtains and any thick blinds you have in the room. A shower curtain not only takes up a lot of space, but it isn’t attractive to look at and can be unhygienic in the space. Instead, try installing a shower screen such as the ones at Artfrom Living to create a sense of light, space and make the room feel cleaner. You can then replace your blinds or curtains with a plastic, vertical blind which takes up less space and allows light into the room.


The mirror seems to be the ultimate cheat for creating light and space in any part of the home, and this is simply because it creates an illusion in the room. When you look at a room which contains a mirror, your mind’s eye sees the room continuing on the other side of the mirror. It can also be useful for reflecting light into your room. Try buying yourself a large mirror for the room or a mirrored cabinet, and this will make a big difference to the room.


If you have a tiny bathroom which needs to be redecorated, the best color you can possibly use for your space is white. Although white might seem like a boring color to use in any room if your home, it is the color which will reflect all light and therefore create a feeling of space. You can always add elements of color with your towels, toothbrush holder, and other small items. Use white as your base, and then you can have some fun brightening it up afterward!


The main difficulty of a small space is working out how you will fit all of the plumbing into your space. However, luckily, shops such as IKEA have thought about this and have created united which will integrate storage with your plumbing items. For example, you can buy a toilet which is attached to a cabinet with storage inside, you can buy a basin with drawers underneath, and you can buy a bath which has a shower screen attached. All of these things will save a lot of space but will still allow you to have everything you need in the room.


As we mentioned above, the key to making your bathroom feel bigger is to be simple with your design. Although it might be tempting to add five different colors into your space, when you feature onlny one color can make a much bigger impact. Choose a color you love and buy your accessories to fit the scheme. It will make things easier the next time you want to make changes because you’ll only need to swap your accessories and update the color!



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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