While an affinity for a classic biker jacket remains as firm as ever, especially at the commencement of winter, so does my new found love and affection for the stylish trench coat. An adoration which seemingly grows day by day, simultaneously as such collections grow to unhealthy proportions. I guess it’s their flattering form and the way they can’t help but deliciously sashay about that has me enchanted and caught in their spell. It’s like a continuously resplendent PG version of Marilyn’s infamous vent moment. Windswept and alluring. A scene you can’t help but admire for all its frivolity. At least that is how I envision I too look, despite being rather ungraceful on two left feet.

This admiration for a sartorial piece is bordering obsessive now. So what does one actually do with copious options? Thankfully such pieces are ideal year-round. Perfect for layering during the cold or adding an air of effortless cool during the warmer months. Denims of all lengths and styles. It even embraces dresses happily. Something which I look forward to utilising on an upcoming trip to Portugal. The only thing left is for me to strictly cull down my babies and select one or two pieces, something which will be no easy feat.
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Missguided sheer trench (similar)  .  ASOS singlet (similar)  .  Missguided Sinner jeans (similar)  .  ASOS belt  .  SPURR Elody mules  .  
Ray-Ban sunglasses


Photos by Elizabeth Oro 

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