sweet dreams. how to maximise your chances of restful nights

Do you often feel tired during the day? Do you fall asleep in front of the TV only to find that you’re lying awake in bed a few hours later? Sleep is vital for good mental and physical health, but studies show that many of us don’t get enough. If you’re far too familiar with restful nights for your liking, hopefully this guide to maximise your chances of restful nights could change your life.


Take a moment to think about your schedule over the last week or so. What time have you been going to bed? How have you been spending your evenings? If you’re out at parties or events one day and tucked up in bed at 8pm the next, you may find that your body clock is out of sync. Travelling can make it difficult to get into a routine, but if you can’t use jet lag as an excuse, it’s a good idea to try and establish set patterns that will enable you to set your body clock and ensure you get enough sleep. If you’re used to getting into bed at 11pm every night, you should find that you start to feel tired as this hour of the day approaches, and when you get into bed, it should be easier to doze off. Of course, there may be some nights when you go to bed earlier or later, but if you can stick to a routine most of the time, you should notice a difference.

maximise your chances of restful nights


Take a stroll into your bedroom. What do you see and how do you feel? Your bedroom should be an oasis of calm that makes you feel relaxed. If the environment isn’t right, this can prevent you from getting the sleep you need. Start with your bed. If you’re not comfortable and you’re tossing and turning all night, it may be time to consider replacing your old mattress and taking a look at the reviews found here. Your mattress should provide support for your spine while you sleep and you should feel a sense of comfort and relief descend upon you when you climb under the covers. Try some for size and swap your pillows at the same time. Use a dimmer switch or soft lighting to set the tone, and invest in blackout blinds or heavy curtains to block out natural light. Avoid tech in the bedroom. There’s nothing more disruptive than flashing lights or beeping noises when you’re trying to snooze, and if your phone is downstairs, you won’t be tempted to check Facebook or read emails in the early hours. 

maximise your chances of restful nights
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Do you feel like your mind works overtime when you get into bed or do you struggle to wind down and relax? If you go to bed and your mind is active, you’ll find it harder to drift off and be more prone to restful nights. To maximise your chances of restful nights, take some time to chill out and de-stress before bedtime. Do something you find enjoyable and relaxing, avoid doing work-related tasks and choose activities that will bring your heart rate down and help your mind switch off. Read, have a bath, do some sewing or knitting, sit in the garden and watch the sunset or just kick back on the sofa and put a soothing playlist on.

If restful nights are par for the course for you, take these tips on board, and hopefully, you’ll be snoozing soundly in no time. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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