world class antivirus protection with avg

antivirus protection with avg
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These days our reliance and dependence on computers, mobile phones and software is unyielding. And it’s set to be something that will continue to grow in spades as new products and models emerge and become available in the near future.

While the threat of virus and unscrupulous characters perpetually lurks in ones mindset when it comes to our MAC or PC, what we sometimes fail to remember is how vulnerable our own mobile phones actually can be. And you’d be forgiven into thinking that such hazards and menaces are frivolous and non-existent when it comes to our trusty phones. I know I certainly shared those sentiments. But they are in fact just as likely to face the same perils as that of your MAC or PC. Considering we use our phones for almost everything these days, from perusing the internet, checking our emails and engaging in social media, such activities can warrant unwanted attention and insecurity.

Thankfully there is a solution and way to ensure your mobile phone is protected from such precariously serious activities and that is with antivirus protection with AVG. Protect your phone and even your tablet (let’s not forget about our beloved tablets!) with AVG antivirus for mobile. Antivirus protection with AVG has security against viruses, spyware and prying eyes and a free download, safeguarding your information has never been easier. On guard and continuously running silently in the background. And with “Pro” features you have additional benefits like the “device lock” which locks your phone if the sim card has been replaced or the “camera trap” which secretly captures a photo if someone fails to unlock your phone or tablet unsuccessfully three times. The later itself is enough to get me downloading, aside from being a novel addition, you never actually know who could be invading your privacy and secretly peeping without your knowledge and or consent.




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