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The world is in a sorry state of affairs lately. And during times like these it sadly breeds contempt. I mean I can understand why one automatically feels anger at the loss and chaos that unfolds through such actions. We are human after all. But it is also imperative that we don’t maintain and encourage such fear and negativity as this ultimately plays into the hands of those against benevolence who pursue disharmony.

What saddens me most during these turbulent times is the dissension within the community. One whose mass is broader than ever coupled with a most boisterous voice thanks to the big world wide web. I feel as though within the past twenty-four hours I’ve encountered some of the most vile vociferation to date, despite the success of One Love Manchester. Of course such commotions are seemingly targeted to one group, something which I’ve always felt was most absurd. Fancy being branded a certain way over the actions of a minute few who’ve simply managed to acquire pedestals and megaphones to get their sentiments heard. It’s akin to saying all Catholics and Christians are homophobic because their church and “faith” refuses to acknowledge gay marriage. Ludicrous right? I happen to fall into the above religious faiths myself (though not entirely practicing) and certainly do not share such sentiments. In fact I am a firm advocate for gay marriage.

So why must we pigeon hole another’s faith or skin tone because of a select few?

Be excessively repugnant with our words and request the ostracisation of others? How is it that those who seek such things fail to see that such factionalism is exactly what they want. To conquer by dividing; to recruit by hatred. So let us push our own agenda for benevolence because that is our strength. And that is how love will win.

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