There are few items that consistently remain as iconic as a strappy black dress. Pieces such as a classic white shirt and a pair of denim jeans for example are in the same league as a womens black dress. A personal paradigm of late, one I’ve continuously seen myself favouring more and more of. Regardless of hue, blue denim bottoms and a relaxed fit type shirt have become my exclusive signature staple. 

But when it comes to a white shirt, acquiring “the one” can prove to be quite challenging for me. Inconsistent sizing plays a big part, perfect in one section, far too tight in another. Or perhaps my issues lie within my broad shoulders, feeling as though many styles seem to enhance this self-perceived flaw rather than detract. It is a piece I find myself either in anticipation (which is more on the rare side) or in sheer dread when window slash online shopping as such difficulties immediately come to mind. 

That said the highlight towards pyjama type shirts has been a godsend for me. A most flattering and effortless design; one that no longer leaves me filled with trepidation over such purchases. Feathery light and opaque enough for a faint glimpse of darker undergarments this ASOS shirt has metaphorically swooped me off my feet. Much like the stages of a newly paired romantic coupling I’ve been searching for ways for us to remain coupled. Much like these baby blue jeans from Rosegal, a modern take on a classic with overly slashed knees, have become firm favourites. A pair I regretfully forgot to pack on my latest sojourn overseas to Portugal (more to come) and a pair I would have perpetually lived in during those two weeks abroad thanks to blissfully mild temperatures.

Busted knee jeans c/o Rosegal (more sizes here)  .   ASOS pyjama pocket shirt  .   Gucci Ace sneakers   .  Gucci wallet clutch


Photos by Elizabeth Oro 

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