Guest Post // Actress Melissa Bolona + Her Extensive Resume On Imdb

For actors, the IMDB page serves as a resume of experience, post success, and an indication of acting range. Since her debut on the big screen in the film In Stereo in 2015, Melissa Bolona has been taking the acting world by storm. Just two years later, Bolona has amassed an extensive resume that has been turning heads in Hollywood. Here are just some of the highlights from the Melissa Bolona IMDB:

Schooling and Training: While Melissa Bolona had known that she wanted to be an actress from a young age, she also completed an International Marketing degree from Pace University in New York in 2013 with adjunct training in Paris, France in 2012. During that time, Bolona also trained with Harold Guskin in New York in 2011. After graduating university, Bolona continued training as an actress with the Acting Guru in Los Angeles in 2014, Audition Boot Camp in 2015 and Margie Herber Studios in 2017.

Attributes andSkills: Bolona’s tall athletic frame and exotic looks helped launch her career as a model when Bolona was still in university. While now Melissa Bolona is a world-renowned model- having appeared in magazines like Forbes, GQ and Venidades- she also holds a variety of experience in film, television and internet acting and casting.

Major Works: Bolona has appeared in many movies since her debut in 2014. Some of Bolona’s major roles include Lina in Dog Eat Dog and Amethyst Stone in Year of the Spectacular Men, where Bolona played the love interest of the film’s director and actress, Lea Thompson. Some of the movies featuring Bolona, including the anticipated action thriller Dog Eat Dog, are currently in post-production and due to hit the big screen later in 2017 or early 2018.

With an extensive IMDB resume and an admirable drive, Bolona is an actress on the rise.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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