Style + Substance: Chic, Functional Buys For A Heavenly Home

When you own or rent a home, it’s natural to want to design a space that looks great, but also delivers on a practical level. There’s no point in using your creative talents to plan rooms that look like something from a glossy magazine if they don’t suit your lifestyle. If you’re hoping to give your home a heavenly mini-makeover, which offers both style and substance, here are some chic, functional buys to consider.

Funky storage

If you’re pushed for space, or you’re familiar with the scenario of being surrounded by clutter, there’s nothing more useful than funky storage. If you can find a way of storing stuff stylishly, you’re on to a winner. Storage is particularly important if you have a bijou home or you live with others. Consider buying furniture that offers storage space, such as tables or beds with inbuilt drawers and make use of wall space with shelves and wall-mounted units. There are numerous ways you can de-clutter and give your flat or house a cool makeover at the same time. Turn an under-stair alcove into a trendy modern work area or create a futuristic focal point in the living room with an entertainment centre that will house every single book, game, CD and DVD you possess.


Keeping cosy and cool

It may be warm now, but before we know it, temperatures will start to fall, and it’ll be time to wrap up again. One of the best ways to keep cosy and ensure your home looks cool all year-round is to invest in a fire that will steal the show and make a statement. Rustic log burners may be ideal for wintry log cabins in the mountains, but we’re blessed with hot weather here, so it’s best to go for a more versatile option, such as a contemporary wall-mounted gas fire. You can browse gas fireplaces online, and it’s also worth visiting a showroom and having a look at how fireplaces are styled in different rooms. If you’ve got a modern apartment, you can embrace seasonal trends with simple neutral coloured cotton and linen cushion covers, house plants and a woven jute rug in the summer and woollen cushions, candles and a faux fur rug in the winter.


Gorgeous gadgets

Many of us love gadgets, and our home interiors are increasingly dominated by technology and forward-thinking design concepts. The right gadgets can add to the aesthetic of your home and give it a really trendy vibe. Consider the impact of a coloured coffee maker in a contemporary white kitchen or some statement speakers in a loft-style living room.


If you’re hoping to create a chic home, which also suits your lifestyle and delivers on a practical level, it’s important to consider both style and substance. Investing in the right pieces of furniture, decorative items and finishing touches can make all the difference to the look of your home as well as ensuring that your pad is functional too. Hopefully, this guide has given you some inspiration and your home will be looking heavenly in no time.




[ This has been a collaborative post. All thoughts and opinions expressed above are not my own ]

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