12 days of christmas lust: part one

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The silly season is well and truly upon us. From carols softly cooing from sound systems above to festive cheer lining decadent window displays beckoning us with their gift guide ideas. It is hard to not to notice shopping malls and town centres glistening in shimmery tones of tinsel and holly. While it is the most wonderful time of the year it is also a period teeming with extreme stress. From workload pressures to preparing for the actual holiday season, December can be heavy with burdens.

While I can’t assist you with deadlines or organising sleeping arrangements for incoming relatives, I can help narrow down small somethings for loved ones. From sartorial trends to pieces guaranteed to garner giggles, I’ve prepared a two part gift guide laden with inspirational goodness for the Christmas and Holiday season of twenty seventeen.

gift guide


Whether you have an affinity for what lays beyond our reaches or a horoscope aficionado, celestial inspired jewellery is assured to enchant and enrapture. The celestial trend is currently a force to be reckoned with. And while at this moment it may be considered a humble trend, all things astral is anything but. A true transcendent style, designs that are as undeniably timeless as a classic Breton stripe. From making a spirited statement with a zodiac pendants to modern celestial charms for your ears, the options are endless when it comes to otherworldly inspired pieces.

1. Zodiac earrings
2. Interstella necklace
3. Astrology necklace pendant
4. Crescent zodiac necklace
5. Constellation necklace (similar here)
6. Open moon and pave star ring


For those with an affinity for the ocean, a straw bag is an ideal and most unexpected gift. Not only reserved for areas with air thick with the fresh scent of brine or places that leave your toes sandy. Raffia style bags are perfect for year round use. From Farmers Market adventures to brunch with the girls, there are countless occasions for them to carry their newest best friend. All all the while keeping them in a perpetual vacation state of mind.

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This type of category is usually featured on copious holiday gift guides and for good reason. While the world may need more hugs, it certainly could use with more laughter too. Mugs or water bottles that we continuously reach for day in and out are indeed a perfect way to bringing joy to that special someone. They are also the most obvious association too. So go beyond the usual and think outside the box. Like amping up the chuckles with a surprise Pusheen gift or a make light of their drinking habits with this flask.

And to my dearest friend Liz, this yoga mat has your name written all over it.

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gift guide


They’re big, bold and certainly beautiful baby. Nothing is more memorable than a fiesta for your ears. And no one does such celebrations quite like Samantha Wills (get 15% off here). Think eye catching hues and extravagant tassels. Exotic filigree details coupled with bohemian beading. Vibrant reds and minimalist white stones. Accessories no longer reserved for dinner dates or opulent black tie soirees but ideal for pairing with a simple t-shirt and jean combo. Taking the drab to fab within milliseconds.

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gift guide


A classic gift idea, tried and true. A no brainer really. Every female has a firm affinity for perfume. Be it a preference for fruity to musky florals. Whether you opt to indulge in firm favourites or rather introduce them to something different. From iconic fragrances like Chanel No. 5 to Instagram stars like Le Labo and Byredo, the choices are endless. Best of all their decadent packaging is fit for a queen and makes it the ultimate vanity companion. And a collectable no less.

From left to right:
Valentino Donna 
Miu Miu EDT
Byredo Velvet
Tom Ford Orchid Soleil
Chanel Noir


Encourage them to take up the lost art of handwritten notes. Or inspire them to compose sweet nothings to loved ones. Take pen to paper and give them an unpredictable but most useful gift. Notebooks are helpful and convenient companions. Varying in degrees of sizing, you’ll find pieces perfect for toting in your handbag or some hefty in weight, ready to be scribbled with countless rambles and musings. Go on and inspire them with cover art and suggestive titles like Smythson’s “Bright Ideas” or get them ready and rearing for the New Year with Ban.Do’s 2018 agenda.

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