12 days of christmas lust: part two

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Following on from my previous post and 12 days of Christmas lust gift guide, a continuation of festive gift ideas for the silly season. Because curating an entire list of 12 days of Christmas lust topics and with my tendency to ramble called for separating such a post into two parts.

So without further ado.

gift guide


Unicorns please. Because nothing screams individuality and creativity quite like this mythical creature and it’s association with everything psychedelic. They awaken our inner child, that playful and fanciful side we generally tone away and shy from. Rainbow hues and vibrant radiance bring nothing but joy to young and old. And being incredibly du jour right now, the selections of unicorn inspired pieces are truly endless. From pool floats to make up sets, shower caps and coasters. Go on and gift someone some shimmery magic to carry them through to the New Year.

Shop all things fairydust and unicorns in my gift guide below.


The ultimate comfort piece. Originally made famous by cool-girl Rhianna and her highly coveted collaboration with Puma, they arrived with an obnoxious bang and show no signs of fading in the spotlight. And because comfort will be key this festive season, nothing screams such luxury as the humble slide. Perfectly bold and controversial, your family members won’t know what to think of your chosen footware. Luckily this is a trend that won’t be dating anytime soon, so you know such sartorial gifts will remain relevant and well worn.

Shop my slides gift guide below

gift guide


And so is an equally opulent case to store them in. I can’t tell you how much I adore these Samantha Wills jewellery chests. The personification of luxe, now available in white and black marble designs (similar in black here). An irrefutably chic new addition to any vanity and home. Of course one is never limited to utilising such pieces with just their jewels. Try them as a stylish solution for storing bits and bobs like sewing materials or stationary.

You can also shop even more jewellery chest designs and sizes here.

gift guide


For a most silly season why not pair it with silly frivolity. Crystal embellished sunglasses to a not-so-humble airpods case and chain. It’s been a tough year for most so why not whip out the plastic fantastic and treat that special someone (or yourself). And if money is truly of no issue then go all out baby. Do as the one percent and splurge on your very own private island, or redecorate your kitchen with Dolce & Gabbana x SMEG fridge, juicer, blender and toaster.

1. Pineapple charm (similar here)
2. Levitating bluetooth speaker
3. Granny bag by Vetements (similar here)
4. Dolce Gabbana for SMEG fridge
5. Ultimate beauty kit (similar here)
6. Camera clutch bag
7. Crystal embellished boots (similar here and here)

Shop the ostentatious and extravagant gift guide below:


Following along from the whimsical and frippery, who wouldn’t want burger and fries on their slippers beckoning its human master from the floor? Or a cheeky, suggestive peach proudly showing off what Mother Nature blessed it with? Or maybe you know someone who has always dreamed of becoming a pizza. Or think they’d be more appealing dressed as one? Is there someone who wants to turn their kids into a cheesy slice? It’s possible with this delectable costume. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

My gift guide for a range of food inspired pieces below.


When it comes to a gift guides, on a serious note, it’s important to remember how wastefully materialistic our world is becoming. While splurging on frivolity is fun and at times fulfilling, why not do something truly unique but equally as powerful. Countless charities offer gifts that aim to give back to communities. For example Unicef where you can buy a special edition Monblanc for Unicef noteboook or a 200 polio vaccines to a community in desperate need. Or visit the Oxfam shop to purchase a range of ethical products like artwork or chocolate.

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