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Everyone assumes going on holiday has to involve hopping in a taxi, heading to the airport, dreading the queues at security, and dreading being stuck on a plane with no escape for hours. But a holiday doesn’t have to mean this, a road trip is another perfect way of seeing places you’ve never seen before. They’re not as expensive, and you can make them super cool if you want to. Don’t settle for just driving around in a car, go all out and either hire or buy a caravan. Some of them are like palaces, and imagine having one always at your disposal to go exploring the wonders of Australia? And if you’re still not convinced on the joys of a roadtrip, let us try further.

Hitting the open road and going on a roadtrip is just so freeing, unless you hit traffic, then it can be pretty rough. But for the most part while you roadtrip you’ll be free to explore wherever you’d like to go. Caravans are very much ideal for a roadtrip as you could be chilling in the back with a magazine or DVD whilst your friend or partner does the driving. If you want you can take the wheel for a while, but us girls like to relax and take things in. They’re pretty easy and reliable to drive, but sometimes they do have their hiccups, just like with a car. This is probably the only downside to road tripping, but you can easily get things fixed, just like with a car. No matter what part of Australia to travel to, there will always be somewhere to get your motor fixed. For example, caravan services and repairs in Melbourne metro are pretty common so you shouldn’t find yourself in too much trouble. Make sure you get a caravan kitted out with a comfy bed and sofa area, and a decent sized bathroom and you should always be comfy.

The sights you’ll get to see along the way will just seem different on a road trip. It’ll be like everywhere you turn you’ll be looking at something weird or wonderful. On a plane, the most you’d have to look at is some clouds or the snoring man next to you. Plan your route and include all your bucket list stops along the way. You’d be surprised how many wonders there are in Australia, right on your doorstep.

Roadtrips are also a great way of bringing people closer together. You’ll be stuck in the caravan with someone you love (hopefully) all day every day. You might think you know someone before this, but this will truly be the test of time. Obviously, you might not want to spend all your time sleeping in the caravan. So at your last destination look into booking a luxurious hotel to top the end of the road trip off. It’ll be a good way to unwind and reflect on the holiday. Plus, nothing beats a proper hotel bed, and after a while caravans might become a little less comfy than when you first set off. But by the end of it you’ll definitely have a million memories to look back on.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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