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travel packing guide

Unless you’re blessed with endless funds to compensate for excess baggage or have an enviable ability to fly privately, chances are you’ll encounter difficulty in packing a suitcase at least once or twice in your lifetime. This is when a travel packing guide comes in handy.  Because it truly is the ultimate struggle; a David and Goliath type battle. Knowing what to pack and what to leave behind can be a most perplexing task. And with weight restrictions the bane of every traveller, it is imperative you load that suitcase correctly.

So how can one overcome such adversity? It’s actually more straightforward than it seems when you implement some smart changes to your usual routine. The key is organisation. To a certain extent. As is having a fair understanding of your destination. Things such as climate and local customs will assist you greatly. For example tropical adventures to places like the Maldives will no doubt call for swimwear or bohemian style rompers. So leave the biker jackets at home and save them for notoriously cooler parts of the world like San Francisco.

I’ve listed a few of my own tried and tested methods in this handy travel packing guide. Which will hopefully help you avoid emptying the entire contents of your wardrobe into one bag (or do so comfortably).


When it comes to deciding what to bring with you, basics are always a good idea. For me they are essential because of their low maintenance appeal and most importantly, easy to pair. This type of clothing will always be complimentary and effortless to style again and again. And mixing and matching will leave you with a vaster number of options, easily carrying you into the week. Of course it doesn’t hurt to include one or two statement print pieces into the mix. You know for spontaneous nights out or impromptu adventures. You can also pair these with your basics. But remember not to go overboard on these. Because chances are you’ll end up finding irresistible unique beauties at your destination and need to bring them home with you.

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Don’t forget your swimsuit. That is if you’re a notorious aqua-bunny. Because it’s more than likely you’ll sniff out a heated hotel pool to frolic in. Otherwise leave it out. Just don’t forget to bring a wet bag and laundry bag because the last thing on your mind is doing needless laundry. These bags can really save your bacon. They also come in handy for packing your delicates and unmentionables. Another hack for packing these is to layer your bras on top of one another and fold them over to create a secure shell, then stuff the insides with your underwear or socks. This will further protect their integrity and avoid them getting crushed. Shop laundry needs here or a selection of swimwear if you find yourself heading towards cerulean waters sometime soon.


Any good travel packing guide will tell you that checklists can truly be a godsend, especially if you’re forgetful or prone to poor time management. This will also encourage you to narrow down unnecessary gadgets and clothing while also ensuring you don’t forget something crucial, like your phone charger. These days there are countless apps specialising in to-do lists available for download. I personally prefer the Wunderlist app and usually separate my checklist into categories like Tech, Beauty, Clothing, Shoes and Accessories. Of course you could do it the “old fashioned” way and handwrite your own list. Either one will get the job done.


Travel minis really do make a difference in terms of space and are the ultimate travel packing guide hack. Their petite stature leaves more room for other things while ensuring your beauty routine remains undisrupted. While they can be on the pricier side to acquire specific minis, you can also purchase empty travel bottles. Just load them up with your shampoo, micellar water or cleanser and you’re good to go. I invested in the NARS Orgasm, Laguna duo and used these travel bottles for my last trip which saved me from carting unnecessary large bottles and compacts. Just don’t forget to place aerosols and liquids into a waterproof or zip lock bag for safe keeping. I never use to employ this before, but did so on my last trip to Portugal. And thankfully so, since I was met with an unfortunate incident with my self tanner. It pays to be safe than sorry.

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For any travel packing guide, this is a rather controversial topic, with both sides making equally valid points. Rolling clothing will seemingly leave you with more valuable packing real estate but the act of folding your clothing will help to retain its shape and protect the garment overall. Especially when it comes to more delicate fabrics such as cotton or silks which are prone to creasing. Personally I prefer to utilize both methods. And when it comes down to rolling your clothing this works best with packing cubes (shop packing cubes and and other travel accompaniments at the end of this post) implemented as they will allow you to squeeze as much as physically possible while remaining structured and uniformed in your luggage.


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