tips and tricks to look better in your clothes

look better in your clothes


You don’t need to have a bulging bank balance, or spend hours sweating it out in the gym, to look better in your clothes. There are numerous tricks you can use to give the appearance that you’ve lost a few pounds, toned up and bought an impressive new wardrobe. Even if you haven’t.

There is a trend amongst some women to live in denial; to choose clothing that is the size they want to be rather than the size they are. The thing is, doing this will fool no one. If you’re wearing clothing that is even one size too small for you, then it will be less flattering than the bigger size you may need. I mean you could look more like a size ten if you wear the size twelve you are than if you dress in the size ten despite not quite being there! Always buy the clothes that really fit if you want to look better in your clothes.

While we’re on the subject of wearing clothes that really fit, that goes for those of you who are taller or shorter than average. When you shop from the ruby rd collection or, for example, you can buy standard clothing or clothing for petite and tall frames. You should always look at the exact measurements of these clothes and match them to your requirements because even an inch or two can make a huge difference.


If you’ve got a bit of a belly, when you’re buying jeans, go for something with a higher waist. High rise jeans will suck in your tummy bulge and give you a streamlined silhouette that will ensure you look good in all the right places.


If you think that having clothing tailored is only for the well-off, think again. There are any number of seamstresses in the average neighbourhood, who would be happy to alter your clothing for you, and if you want that perfect fit – the one that fits your body perfectly, hiding any sins and showing off your best bits, so that you look like a movie star – you need them. Off the peg clothing might be pretty, but it isn’t made just for you, change that with a little tailoring to look better in your clothes.


If you love the color, then don’t restrict yourself to black, but do invest in a few classic pieces in this colour. Why? Well it really is true that black clothing can take a few pounds off you, visually at least, but black clothing tends to look more effortlessly expensive. Even if it isn’t, it never goes out of style, and it can be mixed and matched with so many other pieces that it is the perfect color for those of you who want to look better in your clothes.


It’s so simple, but the simple act of straightening your spine and lifting your chin can do wonders for your figure. That dress that looked ever so slightly too tight will instantly appear perfect when you adjust your posture. Sometimes, it isn’t the clothes that matter, but how you wear them.


In a similar vein, wearing your outfits with confidence will immediately make them look better to most people. If they see that you’re happy with what you’re wearing, then they’re more likely to think it’s a goods choice, and more importantly, if you feel confident about what you’re wearing, you’ll feel good too.


Picking a more expensive purse and buying that instead of buying lots of cheaper ones, is a great way to look better in your clothes. Choose a purse that matches the majority of your wardrobe, oozes class and isn’t too ‘of-the-moment’ and it will help to elevate the dullest of outfits to something a bit more special.


Keep embellishments and trimmings ‘like cuffs, frills, pleats and distressed denim to a minimum and when you do buy them, don’t go for the low-cost options because cheap embellishments can seriously bring your outfits down.


Laundering your clothing less often might not sound too appealing at first, but it will stop your wardrobe from fading and looking old and washed out before its time. So, wash only when necessary. This is a tip that applies to jeans and less expensive T-shirts, more so than other items of clothing as they are more likely to be ruined but over washing – black clothing should be washed cautiously too.

I hope this helps you and your clothes look a little better together.





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