what to wear to: new years eve

what to wear to new years eve


// clockwise
Crucifix layered necklace
Crescent earrings
Straw crossbody bag
Cami evening dress
Black mules
Floral velvet wrap


You find yourself in one hell of a location. A towering apartment block with an illustrious bay lookout; the epitome of million dollar views. Dressed to the nines and all the while surrounded by great friends, loved ones and an expansive cocktail and champagne menu. The room is appointed in a frivolous ode to the New Year with balloons while the floor peppered with lustrous twinkles of confetti. You’ve spent a good portion of the night shimmying away those negative memories that came with the past year. Enthusiastically anticipating for the clock to strike midnight. And eagerly awaiting the Sydney Harbour to illuminate the skyline with its distinguished kaleidoscope display of sparklers. An iconic set up; one that never tires or becomes dull.

Happy New Year.

Yes it’s time to bid adieu to the past and say hello to a brand spanking New Year. New Years Eve can truly be such a magical night. It is a night teeming with kindred benevolence and immense hope; that prospect of new beginnings the highest it will ever peak. The new found clarity on ones desires. There’s not another night quite like New Years Eve. And with such a prominent night ones choice of outfit needs to be as equally memorable. So what to wear to New Years Eve? Well leave those sequins behind for festive cheer and bring out your inner femme fatale with a bit of bandage à la nineties Versace. Channel icons like Elizabeth Hurley and embrace your curves and femininity with velvet and floral. And with touches of on trend raffia and accoutrements reminiscent of Madonna’s wild child days, will leave you with your best foot forward into a stylish and most wonderful New Year. What to wear to New Years Eve has never been so simple and effortless.


sonia // daring coco
sonia // daring coco

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