8 inventive ways to make a small space more liveable

Living in a little apartment or a small space can mean you get extremely creative to make a small space more liveable. It’s all too easy for someone to tell you to move out and find something bigger when you’ve already paid for and fallen in love with your home, but that doesn’t mean the lack of space doesn’t get frustrating at times. You need to be efficient with the space that you do have, so that you can enjoy where you are living and make it work for you.

Just because your house is a small one, doesn’t mean you cannot live as large as possible. Well-designed second storey extensions will increase natural light as well as space, but if you haven’t got the capability – or cash – to add another storey to your home, then you need to get inventive with the way that you do things. You want to make your space fit as much as possible without getting cluttered, and you want to keep it looking big, even if it’s just an illusion. So, how can you make your make a small space more liveable and more efficient for space?

make a small space more liveable
  • Large windows that have a big floor to ceiling ratio give the whole space a spill of natural light. Natural light can make even the smallest of room look bigger than it actually is, and you can do so much to decorate a large window. Check out this link for ideas.
  • You need to maximise storage, and while you don’t have much floor space, you do have wall space. Installing floor to ceiling bookshelves creates huge amounts of storage for everything from books to ornaments, without impeding on the space your floor has.
  • If you’re living in a small apartment, smash through some of the walls to create a more open living space. Doing this means extra windows in one large room, and more floor space to play with!
  • Adding small lofts that take advantage of high ceilings mean that you can literally stack your space with even more, well, space. Check out these loft reading nook ideas for above your kitchen!
make a small space more liveable
  • Having a space under the stairs doesn’t mean you leave it abandoned, Harry Potter style. Change that small space and fit cupboards and drawers that could fit anything you like inside. This gives you tons of extra storage so that your home is free of clutter.
  • Rip out the door frames and instead install these sliding walls. By doing this, a small space in an apartment or house can look twice as big, with light spilling in from all angles.
  • As an added bonus to the above, why not have glass walls between living spaces instead of the traditional? You’ll give a whole illusion of space that isn’t even there.
  • Mirrors can instantly double the size of any room if they’re big enough, so use this cheap hack to make your space look massive.

A tiny house doesn’t have to have a tiny personality, and as long as you have a creative brain, your home can look amazing.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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