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The dawn of a New Year holds such promise, as do our New Years resolutions. We’re all riding that wave of actualising change while teeming with motivation and ambition. We find ourselves eager and determined and with more defined pathways and clarity in life. Sadly for most of us such positive forces begin to wane within the first few weeks. And for some unfortunate few, myself included, the coming days of a New Year. It’s frustrating to waste such precious momentum. Especially when such failures feel like perpetually certified occurrences. I began to contemplate abolishing such standard resolutions for twenty-eighteen. Because what was the point in placing upon myself a list of “goals” which were simply destined for imminent failure?

I was set to break tradition and begin the year sans New Years resolutions. That was until a related email from Mastin Kipp’s Daily Love caught my attention.

“they work… but only when you do.

So you see, resolutions aren’t frivolous nor unnecessary. They’re not cruelly preordained for failure either. And it’s not their fault that you neglected them. The point is that you abandoned them first. And in doing so, seemingly failure would be inevitable. At the end of the day, it’s our responsibility to truly see them trough. To keep them within reach and to strive everyday to make them reality. And with this I decided that yes I will set myself intentions for the year. Even if they may appear eerily similar to those of previous years. With a new objective to simply focus, I am hopeful that this will finally be the year that such ambitions prove utterly successful. And I do hope that you too will find the same sense of triumph.

Welcome twenty-eighteen. May you be kind and a blessing to us all.
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